Honeymoon in Mexico: Trip ideas

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Several doubts arise during the wedding planning process, from which cake flavor to choose, which flowers are the right ones, how many guests, and which is the ideal place for the honeymoon?

Undoubtedly, this last question is one of the most critical decisions in the preparations, since the trip is just one more step in the life of the newlyweds. Therefore, the destination should be a place full of adventure that allows the couple to connect, relax and create memorable moments. 

So… pack your bags! Because Rutopía  propose to you the best places for a honeymoon in Mexico. Request your trip now


Yucatan Peninsula 

The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the most visited states by travelers and one of the safest in the country. There is a tremendeous cultural richness as you can find a variety of majestic archaeological sites, exceptional colonial-style towns and incredible beaches that host unforgettable sunsets. 

Honeymoon in Mexico


Day 1 Punta Laguna National Reserve and Coba archaeological zone Valladolid
Day 2 Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve Pisté
Day 3 Ek Balam archaeological site, Mayan community tour and visit to Xcanché cenote Pisté
Day 4 Visit to the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá at sunrise and swim in the Yokdzonot cenote Izamal
Day 5 Tour of the magical town of Izamal and city tour of Merida Mérida
Day 6 Kayak tour, visit to the archaeological site of Xcambó and Progreso Mérida

On your first day, your adventure begins by exploring the majestic archaeological site of Cobá, where you will take a guided bicycle or bicycle cab tour of the sacbé. 

After your tour, you will be welcomed by a local family to enjoy a traditional meal, while learning about their way of life and culture. 

And finally, you will visit the Punta Laguna Nature Reserve, where you will take a jungle excursion where you will encounter the amazing spider monkeys or other wild animals. Here, you can swim in a beautiful cenote and enjoy the view as you slide down a large zip line. 

Your second day takes you to explore the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, where there is one of the main flamingo nesting areas in the Yucatan Peninsula.

During your tour you will admire the mangroves, crocodiles, and flamingos as you reach the Coloradas, beautiful salt ponds that have a pinkish hue due to their concentration of salt. At the end, you will have time to get off the boat and enjoy the gentle waves of a beautiful beach.

On day three, you will visit the incredible archaeological site of Ek Balam where you will have the opportunity to interact with the local community. Here, you will learn about hammock weaving, learn about the embroidery of colorful garments and practice the art of tortilla making.

Finally, you will visit the Xcanché cenote where you can ride a bike, swim or slide down a fun zip line. 

The fourth day will be spent at Chichén Itzá, one of the seven wonders of the modern world and the most revered center of worship and pilgrimage in the Yucatán Peninsula. Here, you will learn about the life of the Maya through incredible vestiges accompanied by thousands of stories that your guide will not fail to tell you. 

End your day in the rural community of Yokdzonot, where the earth beats in turquoise waters that unite mind, body and soul as you swim in the region’s marvelous cenote. 

Your penultimate day takes you to Mérida and the magical town of Izamal to discover its cobblestone streets and colonial facades, as well as the convent of San Antonio de Padua and the archaeological site of Kinich Kakmó. 

And your trip ends with a visit to the fantastic archaeological site of Xcambó where you will find great and unique vestiges dating from the Classic period. Your day ends with a kayak tour and relaxing on the incredible white sand of Puerto Progreso

Baja California Sur

Another great idea on where to enjoy an extraordinary honeymoon in Mexico is the state of Baja California Sur because this exotic territory offers you a vast amount of beaches where you and your partner can relax and practice fun water activities. 


Day 1 Arrival in Cabo San Lucas and transfer to La Paz La Paz 
Day 2 Snorkeling and sea lion watching at Espiritu Santo Island La Paz
Day 3 Sunset hike at Balandra beach La Paz
Day 4 Mangrove kayak tour Cabo San Lucas
Day 5 Free day in Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas

Your first day is designed to be enjoyed in La Paz, this day you can rest inside the hotel, enjoy a walk along the boardwalk and admire the wonderful sunset. 

The gastronomy of La Paz is not to be missed, so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious seafood that this great port has to offer. 

Your second day begins with an adventure at Espiritu Santo Island where you will have the opportunity to snorkel with sea lions in the crystal clear waters.

On the third day you will visit Balandra Beach, iconic for its mushroom-shaped rock. Inside this beach you will enjoy an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, ideal for you and your partner to enjoy a well-deserved rest under the rays of the sun. 

Your penultimate day begins with a kayak tour in Marina Costa Baja where you will get to know the Mogote and the incredible flora and fauna of this place. If you are lucky you will see a large family of dolphins. After this tour you will be transferred to Cabo San Lucas where you can explore your last day of this wonderful trip. 

In Cabo San Lucas you will be able to relax in its amazing beaches, the most popular one is Medano where you will be able to practice many water activities such as skiing or windsurfing. 

Honeymoon in Mexico

Mexico City 

Mexico City is a great honeymoon destination for culture lovers. The city center is symbolic of its convergence of pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern times in a single space. 

Of course, the capital is a must-see city, as it is home to beutiful museums, beautiful neighborhoods, exquisite cuisine, and many more secrets. 

Honeymoon in Mexico


Day 1  Arrival to Mexico City Ciudad de Mexico
Day 2 Downtown tour with street food tasting Ciudad de Mexico
Day 3 Visit to the Museum of Anthropology and Chapultepec Castle Ciudad de Mexico
Day 4 Bike tour in the archaeological site of Teotihuacan. State of Mexico

Your great Mexico City adventure begins on day two with a tour of downtown Mexico City. Here, you will visit the most emblematic points of the city, as you will visit the Palace of Fine Arts, symbol of Porfirio Diaz’s regime, or the popular Madero street that takes you to the great zocalo of the city which is full of iconic monuments such as the cathedral, the National Palace and the Templo Mayor. 

Mexican gastronomy is invaluable so during this tour you will eat in a market where you will taste all the delicacies of the regional food. 

On your third day enjoy a visit to the beautiful Chapultepec Forest where you will have a guided tour of the Chapultepec Castle, residence of Maximilian and Carlota of Habsburg. 

In the afternoon you will visit the extraordinary Museum of Anthropology, home to incredible pre-Hispanic remains and magnificent stories of the city’s ancient inhabitants. 

Your last day will be spent at the impressive archaeological site of Teotihuacan where you will enjoy a bike ride to admire the majestic temple of Quetzalcoatl and the incredible pyramids of the sun and moon. 


Oaxaca´s Coast

Undoubtedly, Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s most precious treasures, as it is host to multiple attractions since it shelters incredible mangroves, excellent natural reserves, charming beaches, and great archeological centers.

Also, this state’s gastronomic richness since it stands out for its wide variety of moles and its delicious mezcal.


Day 1 Surfing in the waves of Puerto Escondido Puerto Escondido
Day 2 Horseback riding tour in Manialtepec, sunset in Puerto Suelo and romantic dinner at the seashore Puerto Escondido
Day 3 Sea turtle rescue and release at La Escobilla and free afternoon in Huatulco Huatulco
Day 4 Trail to the sea Huatulco
Day 5 Hike among the waterfalls and coffee plantations Huatulco

Your first day is destined for surfing in the Mexican Pacific corner of Puerto Escondido, popular for its many beaches with a relaxed and rustic atmosphere that attracts surf lovers and fans. 

On your second day you will enjoy a fun horseback ride through the jungle along the banks of the corn river in the town of Manialtepec. During your tour you will admire the large corn, coconut, papaya, etc. plantations, and when you arrive at the lagoon, you will cross by canoe to the virgin beach of Puerto Suelo, which offers a beautiful sunset by the sea.

On the third day you will be part of one of the most incredible phenomena in Oaxaca; you will enjoy what it feels like to be an accomplice in the release of the Gulf turtles in one of the most protected natural areas in the world, La Escobilla. 

After this great feat, you will enjoy the rest of your day in Huatulco where you can stroll around the city, visit the most emblematic streets, relax on the beach or just stay at your hotel.

Your fourth day is reserved to get to know the wild side of the Oaxaca Coast inside Huatulco. Here, you will walk along a shaded path towards the National Park to enjoy a boat ride and visit the coral reefs.

Your last day is to discover the wonderful landscapes inside the jungle and admire the fantastic Copalitilla River and its waterfalls. Your expert guides will tell you about the natural and cultural richness of the region. 


Traveling as a couple is undoubtedly one of the activities that strengthen a relationship and there is nothing better than venturing together to see new places, enrich yourself with culture, learn something new, taste delicious dishes and relax on unimaginable beaches. With Rutopía enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon. Request your trip now

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Goktug G.

July, 2021
We had an amazing honeymoon thanks to Rutopia in Mexico
We had an amazing honeymoon thanks to Rutopia & Jorge. Initially I had just contacted them to get some ideas about my trip, but I ended up booking our trip to Mexico with Rutopia, after a lot of back-and-forth planning with Jorge. We wanted to visit and see both cultural/historical/gastronomical/vacation places in Mexico and our trip made that happen. Our hotels were excellent. Our drivers and guides were always on time. The activities were fun and informative. Couldn't ask for more. We did not encounter any problems, we did not have to pay any extra money for an activity either. Everything went perfectly well. Special thanks to Angel who was our guide in Merida and Chichen Itza.
Kimkim Review of Rutopia
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Catherine T.

Enero, 2020
Perfect trip for a woman in Mexico
The Mexican Eco company Rutopia is excellent. As a solo female traveller, I was very pleased with the custom itinerary planned for me by Sibila. All of my requests were fulfilled, from urban tours and decent, clean hotels in CDMX to horseback riding, hikes and cooking lessons in beautiful Guanajuato. All drivers and guides were professional , knowledgable and arrived on time. I was very reassured by Melina from Rutopia, a warm and and very diligent person who checked in with me every step of the way both before my trip and during my days in Colonial Mexico. I heartily recommend this company as a reliable source for trip planning in Mexico.
Kimkim Review of Rutopia

Richard G.

Diciembre-Enero, 2020
Super easy way to plan a great trip Mexico
Jorge and Melina did a great job and I was very happy with my trip. On very short notice during the high season, Jorge put together a perfect itinerary. I hate to plan and Jorge took all the work out of it. He put together a good balance of the big, can’t miss sites and activities that were a little more off the beaten track. Jorge helpfully worked with me to adjust the itinerary to meet my interests, and in hindsight, I only wish I had gotten more involved. Every tour they arranged was fun and worthwhile with knowledgeable and professional guides and comfortable transportation. During my travels, Melina kept close tabs on me to make sure things were going smoothly. The few times I sent her a message, she quickly responded and she would check in on me every couple days when I hadn’t been in touch.
Kimkim Review of Rutopia
Jazmin D

Jazmin D

Jul 2 - Jul 9, 2021
A dream vacation in México
My husband and I had the best vacation of our lives while visiting Oaxaca, Mérida, Valladolid and Puerto Morelos in México. Vanessa helped us tailor the trip and then Marisol coordinated the final details. Anita, from Rutopía, was always responsive to our questions and concerns while we were in México. In Oaxaca, Alex, our guide from Etnoturismo, made sure we fell in love with that city. And we did indeed. The colors, the food, the people are just amazing and have a special place in our hearts. The guide we got for Chichén Itzá, Juan, was very knowledgable and took great photos of us. The hotels chosen by our local specialists were breathtaking. We wouldn't have been able to plan such a wonderful vacation without their help. Muchas gracias!
Reseña Kimkim sobre Rutopía
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Sue G

Diciembre-Enero, 2020
Mayan Site Tour in Yucatan Penninsula Mexico
Rutopia did an outstanding job with the arrangement and execution of a 9 day tour of Mayan sites in the Yucatan peninsula. We provided Rutopia with the general parameters of the trip we wanted and they suggested an itinerary. After our approval, they set up the hotels, transportation within Mexico, and site tours. The hotels were good quality, and all of the drivers and tour guides showed up on time. We were very impressed with the quality of the tour guides and learned a lot on the trip. Jorge handled setting up the itinerary, and Melina handled the execution of the trip and was readily available via WhatsApp throughout the trip for any questions or issues. Melina was particularly helpful in changing our transportation arrangements to the airport at the last minute per our request. I would recommend Rutopia and would use them again for future trips.
Kimkim Review of Rutopia
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July, 2021
Fantastic Will do it again
My wife and I had a fantastic holiday in Mexico thanks to Marisol, Ana, Teresa and their colleagues & partners. The entire itinerary and arrangements were put together in less than 4 days. What we really liked about Marisol & her team was that they were only a message or a phone call away for any query/suggestion, etc. The trip was bespoke to the extent that Rutopia had kept in mind about our interests, food habits & executed bookings, tours. They were also very flexible in catering to last minute changes/requests. The team took upon them to ensure that our entire trip was comfortable & safe by taking care of even small stuff that one normally finds out post getting to a place. We would definitely like to use their services again!!
Reseña Tripadvisor sobre Rutopía
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Jana Galan

July, 2021
Authentic and unique
Rutopía has offered us an excellent treatment from the first day, fulfilling what was promised and making it an unforgettable experience. We have been to the attention of Nubia, a charming person and professional.
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July, 2021
Journey to Mexico City, Cholula and Cuetzalan
We had a wonderful time. We started out in Mexico City with a 2 day tour filled with museums, food, and beautiful sights. We then went on to Cholula to experience the culture in a smaller town, see a local market, and eat traditional food. We finished the tour in a small town called Cuetzalan, where most people speak an indigenous language. All of our guides were great. Thank you for a memorable vacation!
Reseña Tripadvisor sobre Rutopía
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Septiembre, 2020
Travel with soul
I have traveled twice with Rutopía (family trips) and both have been wonderful experiences. Places of enormous beauty and biocultural richness, impossible to get to know in conventional tourism. Best of all: the hosts! Lovely people who know and love their cultures and territories and know how to transmit it with affection, pride and a great sense of hospitality. Undoubtedly, we will travel with them many more times!
Reseña Tripadvisor sobre Rutopía
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lagos de montebello chiapas e1631823254542

Bikø J

Noviembre, 2020
Chiapas, Neri and her family
I traveled to Chiapas for an ecotourism experience with Rutopia and I liked it very much, the team responds very quickly to all questions and accompany the traveler throughout the experience, I missed my flight and they were very flexible to accommodate the entire itinerary, My destination was the lakes of Tziscao, where I was received by Neri with his family in very nice cabins next to a lake with incredible views and a magnificent tranquility, with them you make experiences of beekeeping and coffee and tours to nearby lakes, Montebello is a must! 100% recommended.
Reseña Tripadvisor sobre Rutopía
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Marzo, 2021
Super local agency
We have worked with Rutopia for several tours in Mexico in the Yucatán and Chiapas and we have never been disappointed. Authentic experiences, with locals, in magical places and off the beaten tourist track. Our contact Marisol was always super available and responsive, understanding and anticipating our desires. And she speaks very good French. I highly recommend Rutopia!
Reseña Tripadvisor sobre Rutopía
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Mikel D

Abril, 2021
The best moment lived in Mexico
We were traveling as a group of friends with nothing organized. We like to improvise and be able to find alternative plans to the conventional tourist routes. We arrived in Puerto Escondido - Mexico's paradise - and started looking for options. A Mexican friend recommended us to contact Rutopia and we did. We explained our way of traveling - which they quickly understood - and in a few hours they came to us with a perfect selection of activities. We chose one of them and the next day we found ourselves galloping through beautiful hills, crossing a small lagoon in canoes, bathing on an unspoiled beach at sunset and sipping freshly picked coconuts with some mezcal. We had dinner in the only hut on the beach, eating fish that had been caught that day from the lagoon. Then we went to see the luminescence of the placton with paddle canoes until we were surprised by one of the biggest and reddest moons I have ever seen in my life. We ended up sleeping in bamboo huts a few meters from the waves. There were no more than 5 huts on the miles of beach that we could see. And at ALL times with an exquisite treatment - sympathy, kindness and attention. This is just one of the plans we booked with Rutopia, which definitely changed the course of our trip. Without a doubt, I would repeat this experience in any place I would like to visit in Mexico. Viva Mexico!
Reseña Tripadvisor sobre Rutopía
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Claudia A

Septiembre, 2020
Super organization, great accommodations and nice team
The trip was perfectly organized, we were always exclusive or in very small groups and had freedom to do our own activities. All accommodations were fantastic and sustainable, the food almost always local and very good, we could always fill our Rutopia water bottles and travel as plastic free as possible. We were met at the airport and had assistance getting a rental car. After that, we traveled independently but had our fixed dates and reservations with Rutopia. It was the perfect mix!
Reseña Tripadvisor sobre Rutopía
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Marzo, 2020
Circuit in Yucatan
Discovering wonderful and surprising sites, Mayan communities with an unforgettable welcome, breathtaking landscapes, a very pleasant climate in the middle of March...and smiling people! A big thank you to Rutopia and his team for the elaboration of this ideal circuit, alternating nature, city life, simplicity and comfort. Thanks to Mélina for the follow-up during our trip. We don't speak Spanish well enough, and we appreciated having a French-speaking contact person who could be reached if necessary. We still have a lot to discover and hope to come back very soon, and with Rutopia without hesitation!
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Sabrina N

Marzo, 2020
For those who don't like to manage logistics like hotels, rental cars, activities. And above all, to have someone who speaks fluent French that we can reach at any time for the unexpected... You are in the right place! Thank you to Chloe for the preparation of our trip, to Melina our Ariadne's thread and Teresa for her welcome and help at the arrival and departure. A big thank you to Enrique and Blanca from Nuevo-Durango for their welcome, their smiles, their family, a lot of emotions at the time to leave you. Thanks to Mémo for your teaching of Mexican customs (Sian Ka'an) The Yucatan is a magnificent region. And the population is very pleasant. Only downside Holbox... Too much dust, too much smell of fuel oil, too much tourist. I will keep in memory these wonderful moments!
Reseña Tripadvisor sobre Rutopía
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