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Campeche Heritage

Campeche: Cultural Heritage of Humanity City

Rutopía editorial team
Rutopía editorial team
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Mexico has a list of 13 Heritage Cities, and Campeche has been one since 1999. What sets Campeche a world heritage is that it’s the only walled city. Behind these walls, Campeche is full of history, culture, and gastronomy.

Likewise, this walled city is known for its hexagonal defense system. In addition, Campeche has a colonial style and inexplicable beauty. 

Furthermore, 59th street is one of the most beautiful streets in the city. The houses, hotels, and establishments are full of pastel colors. Walking down this street is an experience of peace and harmony.






Would you like to visit Campeche and learn why a world heritage is?

What to visit in Campe, a world heritage? 

Visiting the Historical Center and walking along the Malecon

To know about Campeche, travelers must visit the Historical Center, where they can appreciate the baroque style of the buildings that make up the center.

Also, tourists can visit the Francisco de Paula Toro Theater, the Municipal Palace, house 6, and of course, tour along 59th street.

After taking a tour of downtown and learning why Campeche is a World Heritage Site, go for a walk and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the boardwalk. Also, enjoy the experience with some ice cream or drink.






Get to know Zazil-há Ecotourism Center

Zazil-há is located in the south of Campeche, known for being an indigenous paradise. In addition, the community protects the biodiversity of the Laguna de Términos Natural Protected Area. Here travelers can live an experience with nature and learn about the importance of taking care of it and valuing it. 

Likewise, travelers can do different activities such as boat rides, walking along the coast or the jungle, learning about flora and fauna of the region, and much more.

campeche world heritage





Do you want to learn about the culture that surrounds Campeche?

The community of 20 de Noviembre 

This community is a small town of Mayan origin dedicated to handicrafts. In addition, travelers can visit the craft workshops to learn the stories of how these workshops were formed and learn how to make their own crafts. Definitely an unforgettable experience in the beautiful state of Campeche, a world heritage! 



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