Les merveilles de Chunhuhub au Quintana Roo

Portada árbol del chicle chunhuhub

Entourée par la jungle, Chunhuhub est une ville située au centre de l’Etat de Quintana Roo. Sur place, les voyageurs trouveront un centre d’écotourisme appelé Kichpaam Kaax, une coopérative familiale maya, qui, avec l’aide de collaborateurs, s’engagent dans la préservation de la nature, de la culture et de la faune. Pour les visiteurs, ce centre […]

Live like a local means eating, shopping, and hanging like one


Today’s travelers want to get away from commercial tourism and experience the real side of destinations. Genuine experiences include food, traditions, culture, architecture, and people. According to the study by Paulauskaite et al., travelers associate authenticity with experiences where they can live like the locals and share their everyday lives. The study also mentions that […]

Day of the Dead and the Magic Essence of Chiapas

Panteón día de muertos

Situated in the mountains of the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico, the colonial city of San Cristobal de las Casas, with its culture, tradition, diversity, nature and freshness, gives life to one of the most famous celebrations in the world, the Day of the Dead. With an infinite number of fascinating sites, this destination […]

Day of the Dead in Mexico City: tradition, celebration and lots of color.

The end of the year festivities are approaching and with them, one of the most popular in the world is the Day of the Dead in Mexico City, an ancestral tradition that is a fundamental part of Mexico and its culture. For ancient and current Mexicans alike, honoring and remembering their ancestors and deceased is […]

Festival of souls: celebration of death in Mérida


These special days are approaching for all Mexicans when our loved ones return from the world of the dead to live with us. Throughout the Mexican Republic, celebrations are held to commemorate these days and the Yucatan is no exception. With over 10 years of tradition in Mérida, Yucatán, they celebrate the dead with the […]

The wonders of Chunhuhub in Quintana Roo

Portada árbol del chicle chunhuhub

Chunhuhub is a town surrounded by jungle in the center of the state of Quintana Roo, where travelers will meet an ecotourism center called “Kiichpam K’áax”, which is a Mayan family cooperative and with the help of collaborators, committed to the preservation of nature, culture, and wildlife. The name of this community in Mayan “Kiichpam K’áax” […]

An unforgettable experience in Balam Nah, “the jaguar house”

The Balam Nah “the jaguar house” ecotourism center is a community project located in the northern area of the Felipe Carillo Puerto municipality, in the state of Quintana Roo. The destination is rich in biodiversity and ecosystems that promote the importance of caring for and preserving the natural environment and the Mayan culture thanks to […]

Las maravillas de Chunhuhub en Quintana Roo

Portada árbol del chicle chunhuhub

Chunhuhub es un pueblo rodeado de selva en el centro del estado de Quintana Roo, donde los viajeros encontrarán un centro ecoturístico llamado Kichpaam Kaax, que es una cooperativa familiar maya, con la ayuda de colaboradores, comprometida con la preservación de la naturaleza, la cultura y la vida silvestre. El nombre de esta comunidad en maya “Kiichpam […]