Sleeping on the slopes of the amazing Tacaná Volcano (southernmost point of Mexico)

Rutopia Chiapas Tacana Lugar Volcan Tacana IMG 5384 scaled

Mexico has a large number of mountains, mountain ranges, and volcanoes. There are volcanic systems throughout all of the Mexican territories. Their main characteristic is that they are aligned. There are six principal mountain systems with approximately two thousand volcanoes, although only forty-two are recognized. One of them is the Tacaná volcano in southern Mexico. […]

Un voyage dans le Chiapas pour découvrir le Quetzal, l’oiseau sacré


Cientos de años han pasado desde que me dijiste que era algo más valioso que el metal o la piedra preciosa, que mis colores de «librea verde y dorada», que para reyes he adornado. Deslumbrante es mi colorido, plumaje del ave real. Mi nombre Quetzal, ligado al de la serpiente emplumada, en mis grandes pueblos, simboliza el […]

Meet the Divine Bird, The Quetzal in El Triunfo, Chiapas

quetzal el triunfo chiapas parado en una rama

Hundreds of years have passed since you told me that I was more valuable than metal or precious stones. My colors “livery green and gold” I been decorated for kings. Dazzling is my colorful, royal bird feathers. My name is Quetzal, linked to the feathered serpent; in my great cultures, it symbolizes the above and […]