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Mexican Spirit Animals: Meet the Alebrijes

Oaxaca is one of the states with the most incredible variety of handicrafts. We can find everything from handmade clothing to decorations made of typical materials such as black clay. According to the indigenous traditions that prevail in Oaxaca, each thing has a special meaning. One of them is the alebrije, considered Mexican spirit animals. […]

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Coba pareja selva  Rivera maya  banco de datos Totonal scaled

From Holbox to Chetumal: Mayas of Mexico and the meaning of their cities

Many reasons determine the name of a place. Elements such as climate, vegetation, animals, etc., can influence it. For example, what does Mexico mean? Although there are several theories, one of the most common is composed of the Nahuas words metztli (moon) and xictli (navel), which means “in the center of the moon.” The same happens with […]

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The unknown caves of Nuevo Durango

In addition to the well-known places, the sea, and Mayan ruins, Quintana Roo is full of unknown towns, almost secret, hidden in the immensity of the jungle. An example of this are the caves of Nuevo Durango. With so many places to visit in this state, sometimes we forget we are in the heart of […]

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Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, the most megadiverse in Mexico

Biosphere reserves are extraordinary places created to preserve natural sites of significant ecological, biological and cultural importance. And Mexico, a place with incredible biodiversity, has several reserves, so crucial that UNESCO considers many of them as Natural World Heritage Sites. Likewise, they are also vital for conserving diverse life forms, wildlife, or endemic species. The Axolotl and the Vaquita are the most popular […]

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All about Chiapas jungle

Chiapas jungle, better known as the Lacandon jungle, is located in Chiapas, Mexico. Also, this magical place is one of the last Planet’s Green Lungs. It has a territory of approximately 1.8 million hectares.  Likewise, the Lacandon jungle has a great megadiversity of  625 species of butterflies, 114 mammals, 345 birds, 84 reptiles, and 3,400 species of plants. Undoubtedly […]

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Campeche Ciudad Fortificada

Campeche, Mexico: a place full of history, flavor and nature

Campeche is full of colors that make each corner a beautiful postcard. It is a little-known destination but very impressive. The state offers another point of view of the Mexican southeast, from its tourist sites, pirates and their treasures, and archaeological structures, to Caribbean flavors and sightings of birds and dolphins. Discover the city of […]

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safe travel to mexico

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

As time goes by, thanks to the image generated by many movies and the grand torrent of news about our country, thousands and thousands of people ask themselves: is it safe to travel to Mexico? Although the answer can be complex and nuanced, the truth is that this country is not so different from others. […]

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Cucapa: The people of the river

Cucapa means “people of the water” or “people of the river” because they live on the banks of the Colorado River in northwestern Sonora. Yumans are an ethnolinguistic family composed of 15 ethnic groups from the deserts of Baja, California, Sonora, Arizona, and California in the United States. The group has characteristics that denominate them as […]

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