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Beaches to visit without sargassum in Mexico

The season begins between April and May and ends until August. During this time, the algae appear on the Mexican Caribbean beaches. Its presence has affected tourism in Holbox or Cozumel and much of the Coast of Quintana Roo. However, there are tourist destinations on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast where visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches without […]

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macroalga sargazo en playas mexicanas

Do not panic about sargassum

Sargassum has arrived at Mexican beaches in the last few days, but don’t panic. Sargassum is temporary and doesn’t reach all beaches in Mexico.  Some beaches along the Mexican Caribbean coast have been affected by the sargassum. The most affected beaches are Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Quintana Roo. However, don’t let worries about sargassum ruin […]

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Ek Balam 1  Yucatan  banco de datos Totonal scaled

The four most impressive archaeological sites in Yucatán

The Yucatán Peninsula was the cradle of one of the most important cultures of Mesoamerica: the Maya. They developed a complete writing system and advanced astronomy and mathematics knowledge. They were also excellent architects, as seen in the temples, enclosures, and pyramids that survive today. We have chosen the four most striking and important archaeological […]

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A walk-through Mérida, the White City

Mérida, the white city, capital of one of the jewels of the Mexican peninsula, Yucatán. A quiet city with a warm climate, founded and built on the Mayan city ‘Toh.’ A city that, from its streets and avenues, appreciates the inspiration of its foundations, the Mayan architecture. For a walk-through in a fair and temperate […]

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Small atlas to explore Yucatan (the place of infinite colors)

When we think of a trip to Yucatán, we imagine exploring its archaeological sites, a walk through Mérida, and the possibility of swimming in one of its cenotes. However, Yucatán is much more than that. It is the region of the lowland Maya, whose historical footprint and its natural landscape give it an identity as […]

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mujeres milenarias del el almacen oaxaca

Three Projects of Women Enterprising in Rutopia

In Rutopia, we work closely with many projects starring women enterprising that travelers can visit throughout Mexico. These women are powerful, courageous, unique, and fearless and fight every day for their dreams and keep their communities’ culture and nature alive. Here are some beautiful examples of all-female projects worth being part of and cooperating through […]

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The Art of Making Tortillas in Mexico

In Mexico, we can find gastronomy that makes us fall in love, and the secret ingredient has always been corn, the main ingredient of tortillas. In pre-Hispanic cultures, corn knowledge had religious, aesthetic, and economic organizational aspects. Therefore, people associate these cultures’ development with the cultivation and consumption of corn, which was associated with the gods. Today, corn […]

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