A dance of loving lights in the middle of the forest: firefly tour


The importance of fireflies goes beyond their nightly spectacle. They play a significant role in the ecosystem and our lives. As viewers, we must recognize their importance and learn to see them without altering their habitat. What are they, and why do they shine? First, we need to understand what fireflies are and how they […]

Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, the most megadiverse in Mexico

Biosphere reserves are extraordinary places created to preserve natural sites of significant ecological, biological and cultural importance. And Mexico, a place with incredible biodiversity, has several reserves, so crucial that UNESCO considers many of them as Natural World Heritage Sites. Likewise, they are also vital for conserving diverse life forms, wildlife, or endemic species. The Axolotl and the Vaquita are the most popular […]

The luxury of a tailor-made trip


We came from a pandemic that paralyzed the world in 2019 and left most people indoors. During that period thousands of trips were cancelled, events were suspended and people had to postpone their outdoor adventures. It was a hard blow for a modern person of the 21st century. Suddenly changed customs, thoughts and ideas, however […]

Nature campsite: enjoy starry nights

Tourism can be a transforming experience. However, traveling to luxury hotels or resorts is not the same as traveling to a nature campsite. In a camp, you do not enjoy the comforts of a hotel, but you live with nature and learn from it. Also, you live experiences such as sleeping, looking at the stars, […]

Mexico is part of the 10 most megadiverse countries in the world


Life is a magic phenomenon and although it appeared more than 4 billion years ago, we had to wait until the 1980s for a term to describe physical existence in its totality: “megadiversity”. In that same decade, the countries that concentrate the most important natural resources on Earth were listed. One of them is Mexico. […]

Les papillons monarques (et tout ce qu’ils font pour arriver au Mexique)


Parmi les nombreux animaux emblématiques hébergés par le Mexique, le papillon monarque occupe une place particulière. Malgré sa délicatesse, ce papillon, pesant moins d’un gramme, réalise chaque année un voyage sans égal pour atteindre les terres mexicaines, bravant les vents et les obstacles sur son chemin. Nous t’organisons l’expérience que tu attendais ! Sollicite ton voyage  […]

Five places to find peace, calm and silence in Mexico.

It is a universal true that there are many ways to travel. As well as there are infinite tourist destinations and places to visit. There are as many possibilities as there are travelers and at Rutopía we like to fulfill everyone’s wishes. Although many people look for places where they can have fun, there are those […]