Explore Montebello’s lake in a traditional raft

Rutopia Chiapas Tziscao Actividades Kayaks GAL05129 scaled

On this tour you will paddle on a traditional raft – made of tied logs – on one of the most iconic lakes of the Montebello’s Lake  National Park, you will appreciate the deep shade of blue that they offer in play with the sunlight. You will spend about an hour surrounded by nature, tranquility […]

Traditional amaranth meal with Alegria de la Vida

large amaranth seed 1

Delight yourself with a delicious traditional amaranth meal prepared by the cooperative Alegrías de la vida, a group of women who are interested in having healthy food options, and seek to share their experiences with amaranth through the food and workshops they offer. It is a 3 course meal made with amaranth as the main […]

Tziscao: Immerse in a mountain coffee plantation

Rutopia Chiapas Tziscao Actividades Recorrido por huertas de cafe GAL05030 scaled

Experience with all your senses everything about the production of Cafe Tziscao’s organic coffee, one of the best organic coffee exporters in the world. In this two hour activity, you will learn how to make a coffee seedbed, how to plant it in the ground and how to harvest it while enjoying a walk through […]

Edzná: Get to know the archaeological site

large Mascarones de estuco

Put on your most comfortable outfit and go to the archaeological site of Edzná, located just 60 km from the city of Campeche. The ancient Mayan city discovered in 1927, consists of a long 4-hour tour through its popular and large facades decorated with gods and mythical animals. This is your opportunity to get to […]

Historical Walk through Guanajuato’s Neighborhoods

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To know Guanajuato with a historical walk is also to go back to a part of its history, because besides being a picturesque city, it has been one of the most important mining centers of the New Spain and thanks to the richness of the minerals along with the culture of the people of Guanajuato […]

Things to do in Campeche

Campeche 1 2

Things to do in Campeche: Campeche’s gastronomy, composed of European, Caribbean and Mayan heritage, is recognized as one of the most exquisite in Mexico, and not only that, the history of the streets of this state are full of history and architecture like no other. Visiting this state means you can walk through streets full […]

Teotihuacan: Discover the culinary wonders and the land by bicycle

large Gatronomía

Enjoy every moment to taste the typical food of Teotihuacan, learning about Mexican traditions through exotic dishes. Let yourself be guided by sublime experiences of an authentic gastronomy such as escamoles (ant larvae highly appreciated in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times), maguey worms (a kind of larva that grows in the maguey), barbacoa (sheep meat cooked […]

Acaxochitlán: Edible Mushrooms and Food Preparation

large Acaxochitlan Recoleccion hongos Comida 1

Acaxochitlán is one of the few regions in Mexico where you can find cloud forest. For centuries, the region has been inhabited by different indigenous groups: Nahua, Otomi, Tepehua and Totonaca; millenary practices are still preserved here, such as the traditional cuisine based on a great variety of mushrooms that grow in the forests of […]

National Museum of Anthropology

large The National Museum of Anthropology2

The National Museum of Anthropology is a way to understand our present through the knowledge of our past. It houses a large collection of objects and sculptures that this time you can admire in the company of a professional. Your tour guide will take you through the corridors of this great National Museum of Anthropology, […]

Between markets and corn in the magical town of Cholula

large 1 Corn in the magic town of Cholula

For those who don’t know, the town of Cholula is also known as the city of churches. Legend has it that in this place alone there are more than 365 churches, one for each day of the year. Visiting this site, in the company of an expert, is the possibility of walking on picturesque streets […]