Coral Reefs in Mexico: A Biological Treasure

fish swimming in coral reef

Coral reefs are of great biological importance to the planet. For example, Mexico is part of the second-largest barrier reef in the world. Nowadays, one way to know and take care of them is through sustainable tourism. By doing this, people can learn about their ecological value while enjoying their extraordinary attractions. The importance of […]

Arrecifes de coral en México: una Riqueza Biológica

peces anaranjados y de colores nadando entre corales y arrecifes

Los arrecifes de coral son de gran importancia biológica en el planeta. México forma parte de la segunda barrera de arrecifes más grande del mundo, lo que lo hace de gran importancia para la biodiversidad subacuática. Hoy en día una manera de conocerlos y cuidarlos, es a través del turismo sustentable. Donde las personas pueden […]

How to avoid sargassum in the beaches on Mexico?

Sargassum is a type of seaweed that seasonally fills the beaches and changes the blue of the water for brown tones. This type of algae affects the México ecosystems, causes reek, and alters the landscape. In addition, sargassum is one of the consequences of increasing water temperature depending on the season. In Mexico, sargassum arrives […]

About the fascinating Puerto Morelos… the most secret (and quiet) jewel of Mexico


In the south of Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula, there is a small town called Puerto Morelos, a paradise between two major tourist destinations: Cancun and Playa del Carmen. With its authenticity, calm, and treasure hidden under its turquoise waters, this charming little fishing village is the perfect getaway for those looking for quiet  but […]