Among crocodiles and mangroves at the Wotoch Aayin Ecotourism Center

Centro Ecoturístico Wotoch Aayin

Campeche is a state that has different places full of history and nature. It hosts natural wonders, where tourists may experience a reencounter with nature. An example of this natural diversity is the Wotoch Aayin ecotourism center. Wotoch Aayin “The House of the Crocodile,” in the Mayan language, is located in Isla Arena, which is […]

Entre cocodrilos y manglares en el Centro Ecoturístico Wotoch Aayin

Centro Ecoturístico Wotoch Aayin

Campeche es un estado que cuenta con distintos lugares llenos de historia en cada uno de sus espacios. También alberga maravillas naturales, donde los turistas podrán vivir un reencuentro con la naturaleza. Siendo e l centro ecoturístico Wotoch Aayin, muestra de la riqueza natural que tiene el estado y que hay que preservar. Wotoch Aayin […]

Rutopía wins a 2022 Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award


Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel platform. It enables around 463 million travelers (monthly) to get the most incredible experience on every journey. Users worldwide use this site to read more than 859 million reviews from over 8.6 million businesses. Travelers choose this platform to compare prices with quality. The website is offered in 28 […]

Reconoce Tripadvisor a Rutopía en los Travelers’ Choice 2022


Tripadvisor es la plataforma de viajes más grande del mundo. Ayuda a que alrededor de 463 millones de viajeros (mensualmente) hagan de cada viaje su mejor experiencia. Personas de todo el mundo usan este sitio para leer entre más de 859 millones de opiniones de más de 8,6 millones de negocios. Los viajeros eligen esta […]

Nuevo Durango another look at Quintana Roo

Undoubtedly, one of Mexico’s most touristy and famous states is Quintana Roo, places near the northeastern coast such as Cancun, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen, among others. Of course, we can’t deny that these places are eye-catching, but what about all the hidden travel destinations in the southern region of Mexico? Nuevo Durango is one […]

Pros of longer vacations: a well-deserved break


Without a doubt, we all enjoy the feeling of longer days, temperature rising, and vacations coming closer, which is a great reason to plan vacations that last longer than a week.  At Rutopía, we are compromised with planning and organizing all our trips so that travelers can live extraordinary and unforgettable experiences in magical destinations surrounded […]

Bienvenido a Nuestra Casa. Tosepan Kali, Puebla.


En Rutopía existen proyectos ecoturísticos que recorren todo México, muchos de ellos conformados por comunidades que han decidido unirse para dar beneficio a su pueblo. Como es el caso de Tosepan Kali  que significa “Nuestra Casa” en náhuatl, una cooperativa de servicios turísticos, integrada por indígenas náhuatl. Tosepan Kali se encuentra ubicado en Cuetzalan, Pueblo […]

Why does community-based ecotourism contribute more to travel?


An exciting tide of change is sweeping the world of travel. Community-based ecotourism offers reconnecting, adventurous, educational, and more authentic experiences than resorts. Community-based ecotourism is a different kind of tourism, emphasizing leaving an impact and directly benefiting the communities. One thing that the pandemic brought to light is the long way to go in […]

A Taste of Honey and Coconut… a beautiful eco-tour in Yucatan.

bee melipona in Flavor of Honey and Coconut Eco-Tour in Yucatán

There are many unique places and experiences in Mexico, from the beautiful beaches in Baja California to the other end of the country with the Eco-Tour Sabor a Miel y Coco (A Taste of Honey and Coconut) in Yucatan – a biocultural heritage full of smells, flavors, and textures that awaken each of our senses. […]