A dance of loving lights in the middle of the forest: firefly tour


The importance of fireflies goes beyond their nightly spectacle. They play a significant role in the ecosystem and our lives. As viewers, we must recognize their importance and learn to see them without altering their habitat. What are they, and why do they shine? First, we need to understand what fireflies are and how they […]

Les papillons monarques (et tout ce qu’ils font pour arriver au Mexique)


Parmi les nombreux animaux emblématiques hébergés par le Mexique, le papillon monarque occupe une place particulière. Malgré sa délicatesse, ce papillon, pesant moins d’un gramme, réalise chaque année un voyage sans égal pour atteindre les terres mexicaines, bravant les vents et les obstacles sur son chemin. Nous t’organisons l’expérience que tu attendais ! Sollicite ton voyage  […]

Mexico, home of the monarch butterfly


Of all the emblematic animals that Mexico hosts, the monarch butterfly occupies a special place. Although it is the most delicate of all living beings and weighs less than a gram, it performs every year, without being dragged by the winds, a migration that is among the most incredible sights of the animal kingdom.  We […]