A dance of loving lights in the middle of the forest: firefly tour


The importance of fireflies goes beyond their nightly spectacle. They play a significant role in the ecosystem and our lives. As viewers, we must recognize their importance and learn to see them without altering their habitat. What are they, and why do they shine? First, we need to understand what fireflies are and how they […]

A Taste of Honey and Coconut… a beautiful eco-tour in Yucatan.

bee melipona in Flavor of Honey and Coconut Eco-Tour in Yucatán

There are many unique places and experiences in Mexico, from the beautiful beaches in Baja California to the other end of the country with the Eco-Tour Sabor a Miel y Coco (A Taste of Honey and Coconut) in Yucatan – a biocultural heritage full of smells, flavors, and textures that awaken each of our senses. […]

Acampar en la naturaleza (para disfrutar de las noches estrelladas)

Hacer turismo puede ser una experiencia transformadora, sin embargo no es lo mismo viajar a hoteles o resorts de lujo, que viajar y acampar en la naturaleza. En un campamento no se goza de las comodidades propias de un hotel, pero se convive con el entorno y se aprende de él. Por otro lado, se […]