Oaxaca Tour among Forests, Handicrafts and Beaches

Oaxaca is one of the most visited states in Mexico. Its colorful beauty has captivated millions of foreigners. It is one of the few places in the country where most of the indigenous customs and traditions are still respected. This state will always welcome people with open arms and mesmerizing beauty. So let’s go with […]

How to avoid sargassum in the beaches on Mexico?

Sargassum is a type of seaweed that seasonally fills the beaches and changes the blue of the water for brown tones. This type of algae affects the México ecosystems, causes reek, and alters the landscape. In addition, sargassum is one of the consequences of increasing water temperature depending on the season. In Mexico, sargassum arrives […]

¿Cómo evitar el Sargazo en las Playas de México?

El sargazo es un tipo de alga que por temporadas llena las playas y cambia el azul del agua por tonos marrones. Este tipo de algas afecta los ecosistemas, causa mal olor y altera el paisaje. Tristemente aparece en algunas de las zonas turísticas más bellas de México. Unas de las razones por las que […]

A hidden place on the coast of Oaxaca, the luxury trip you deserve

Falling in love with Mexican beaches on the coast of Oaxaca is easy. However, the difficult part is to find a quiet beach that allows the visitors to have an authentic trip and an intimate contact with nature. Of course, things like enjoying the sound of the sea, the breeze and the sunset can only be […]