Le jour des morts à Mexico City : fête haute en couleurs

Les festivités de fin d’année approchent et avec elles, l’une des plus populaires au monde est le Jour des Morts ou Día de Muertos, à Mexico City , une tradition ancestrale qui fait partie intégrante du Mexique et de sa culture. Pour les Mexicains jeunes ou âgés, honorer et se souvenir de leurs défunts est un sujet […]

Day of the Dead in Mexico City: tradition, celebration and lots of color.

The end of the year festivities are approaching and with them, one of the most popular in the world is the Day of the Dead in Mexico City, an ancestral tradition that is a fundamental part of Mexico and its culture. For ancient and current Mexicans alike, honoring and remembering their ancestors and deceased is […]

Do you need a visa to visit Mexico?

map of mexico

Do you want to travel to México and have one of the best experiences of your life? But you want to know if you need a visa to visit Mexico? Take pencil and paper, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about official documents, COVID-19 regulations, and recommendations that will make your stay more […]

“Pásele guerito”, How to visit San Juan Market in Mexico City?

There are over 300 markets in Mexico City alone. There is one for every taste, for every problem, for every neighborhood and occasion. However, the Mercado de San Juan is unique. In fact, it is one of the most visited places by chefs and people who are willing to try something out of the ordinary. […]