Learn all about corn and Mayan knowledge in Yaxunah community, Yucatán

There is a perfect place to reconnect and give a broader meaning to working with the land. The Maya community of Yaxunah or Primera Casa in the Maya language is located in the extreme south-central part of the state of Yucatan, just 20km from the archaeological site of Chichen Itza. It is a community as […]

Aprendamos palabras en lengua maya en un viaje por México

La cultura Maya es reconocida, entre otras cosas, por el manejo sostenible de sus recursos naturales. La cosmovisión de los Mayas refleja una dimensión natural tal y como se muestra en su lengua. Aprender el significado de las palabras Mayas, permite construir un puente para el intercambio de saberes entre Mayas y no Mayas. Algo […]

From Holbox to Chetumal: Mayas of Mexico and the meaning of their cities

Coba pareja selva  Rivera maya  banco de datos Totonal scaled

Many reasons determine the name of a place. Elements such as climate, vegetation, animals, etc., can influence it. For example, what does Mexico mean? Although there are several theories, one of the most common is composed of the Nahuas words metztli (moon) and xictli (navel), which means “in the center of the moon.” The same happens with […]

The mayan origin of hammocks.

The mayan hammocks

If we visit the Yucatan peninsula, into the Mayan communities, we can see that in most of the houses there is a type of net hanging from the extremes. These are the hammocks, and they are used to rest. What are you waiting for to visit the Mayan communities? Rutopía will accompany you. Even, in […]

Nahá, a small town between Lacandon Jungle


Isolated in the dense and humid flora of the mountains of the Lacandon Jungle in the state of Chiapas in southeastern Mexico, and bordered by a yellow lake, the small town of Nahá is a true oasis. We design the regenerative experience you were waiting for! Request your trip Its population, less than 200 people, […]

Mexico has the largest (and most important) underwater archaeological site in the world


For the Maya culture, cenotes were very important. They were considered sacred places, among other things because water was obtained from them and they were strategic points to install cities. For the Mayas, these water holes were considered the gateway to the underworld. The cenotes were a fundamental part of the cosmovision, because they were […]