A Taste of Honey and Coconut… a beautiful eco-tour in Yucatan.

bee melipona in Flavor of Honey and Coconut Eco-Tour in Yucatán

There are many unique places and experiences in Mexico, from the beautiful beaches in Baja California to the other end of the country with the Eco-Tour Sabor a Miel y Coco (A Taste of Honey and Coconut) in Yucatan – a biocultural heritage full of smells, flavors, and textures that awaken each of our senses. […]

The Melipona bees and their importance in the Mayan culture


Melipona bees are a species endemic to the Yucatan Peninsula, where they are known as Xunan Kab, which means “lady bee” in Mayan. This small insect has a long history among Mayan communities for its medicinal properties. Its qualities were used by ancient Mayan priests for healing and therapeutic purposes. The wisdom they had about bees […]