Sunrises from El Cuyo, a hidden corner in the Yucatan Peninsula


How about escaping together to cabins on El Cuyo beach in the Yucatan Peninsula? Hidden between an immense sea and an incredible pink lagoon, El Cuyo is a dream destination and a little place where travelers can relax and unwind. This little town offers a unique experience, but let’s continue getting to know this beautiful […]

Beaches to visit without sargassum in Mexico

The season begins between April and May and ends until August. During this time, the algae appear on the Mexican Caribbean beaches. Its presence has affected tourism in Holbox or Cozumel and much of the Coast of Quintana Roo. However, there are tourist destinations on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast where visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches without […]

How to avoid sargassum in the beaches on Mexico?

Sargassum is a type of seaweed that seasonally fills the beaches and changes the blue of the water for brown tones. This type of algae affects the México ecosystems, causes reek, and alters the landscape. In addition, sargassum is one of the consequences of increasing water temperature depending on the season. In Mexico, sargassum arrives […]

A hidden place on the coast of Oaxaca, the luxury trip you deserve

Falling in love with Mexican beaches on the coast of Oaxaca is easy. However, the difficult part is to find a quiet beach that allows the visitors to have an authentic trip and an intimate contact with nature. Of course, things like enjoying the sound of the sea, the breeze and the sunset can only be […]

Mazunte’s beaches (welcome to the shores of the world)

With Easter vacations so close, it could be necessary to start planning a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As far as the connection with the ocean is concerned, Rutopia offers a good variety of options to spend these days in one of Mexico’s beaches. From Baja California to the most essential […]

Detox vacation in Puerto Escondido: yoga, surfing and nature


Traveling along the Oaxaca coast, between white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, is Puerto Escondido. That beach where surfers wait to catch the perfect wave and where people who practice yoga wait for sunrises and sunsets to absorb the sun’s energy. A place of both natural and cultural richness.  It sounds like paradise, doesn’t […]