A wonderful experience

My trip in Tzimol was very good, Angel and Quinn are a kind and welcoming couple who will do their best to make yourself feel at home. I loved to snorkle the Chukumaltik Cenote and the bike tour was also a great experience (I tried the best Pox prepared by Don Augusto and I understood the huge work behind a sugar cane!). Morover, during the bike tour I had the chance to meet Angel’s grandmother who is an incredible human and who recited beautiful poems by heart written by her grand father (Adrian Abadia) – my favourite was “Las Neblinas” the poem of travelers. I also enjoyed meeting Angel and Quinn’s friends and family, they are very nice people and was great to share experiences with them. Finally, the food was very very good, the Quesadilla done by Angel’s parents was so so good and I also loved the restaurant of Angel’s aunt by the lake. It was a great pleasure to meet you and thank you very much for all you’ve done for me during my stay in Tzimol. I loved visiting all these nice places, but the most important part was to discover the bautiful people that you are. Muchas Gracias!