A very special place to go and visit

Everything about this trip was special to me. I studied Sustainable Development so I very much enjoyed the visit of the centro agroecologico, the women’s iniciative to purify water and the cultivation of coffee. It was inspiring to see how much the community cares about nature and human rights. The visit of five lakes was also incredible (laguna de Montebello). With regards to the my stay, I loved the cabañas in front of the Tziscao lake, they are very cozy and confortable, there is WIFI, hot water and there were no noise because of the trafic; I felt really at home! Finally, Neri’s family is very welcoming and sweet, Amerilis is a great cook and Pablo is the cutest kid! In particular, America and Isidoro (Neri’s parents) were very inspiring as they were the founders of the “cooperativa”. It was a pleasure to talk to them and to hear their experiences. This experience was so enriching, special and showed me that it is possible to live differently and in a sustainable mode. Thank you very much for making this experience very special and for being so welcoming to me. It was a pleasure to meet you and I will always remember you!