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Join our network and together we can achieve more travelers arriving to your communitarian tourism project.

ANYONE CAN BE A PART OF THE NETWORK the only requisite is for the project, cooperative or guide to be part of the community in which it operates. If you’ve never received travelers at your community but you are interested, don’t worry. Rutopía has worked with emerging projects and together we achieve excellent results. Fill in the form and leave your information.
WE ARE a platform that supports communitarian tourism projects to be known and host (more) travelers who are looking to live authentic experiences outside of the conventional ways.
WE OFFER  four things to the touristic iniciatives:
  1. Support to design and communicate atractive experiences for travelers; aiming to up-bring the value of their touristic product.
  2. Place them on our online platform and other sales channels. Giving them exposure and more travelers to host.
  3. Reservation management and customer service. Through our Fast Response Service we give all the information needed to the potential clients; this way we help to close more sales.
  4. Continuous feedback on the Dos and Don’ts according to the travelers opinion, always thriving to make each project reach a better quality.

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