More than a travel platform, Rutopia is the link that connects travelers with local hosts in sustainable nature destinations.


Traveling with Rutopia takes you to know places and connect with people, allows you to discover Mexico through the eyes of its people. Rutopía offers you the possibility to enter the Mexican territory and explore amazing destinations immersed in the natural paradises of the country on out-of-the-ordinary crossings. In addition to enjoying an authentic and transformative experience, when you travel with us you contribute to transform tourism into a fair and sustainable activity.

What is Rutopia?

Rutopía is a social enterprise that allows travelers who are looking for authentic experiences and off conventional routes, to access rural communities with hosts who want to share the natural paradises of their land. Rutopía preserves Mexico’s cultural and natural heritage by helping its protectors generate a sustainable income through regenerative tourism.

We have been working since 2017 designing, together with our hosts, the best travel experiences in the most amazing nature destinations in Mexico.

The four dimensions of the Rutopian journey


Physical and adventure activities in idyllic sites, from multi-day expeditions to quiet walks along beaches, forests, deserts or jungles, bird or whale watching, mantan bike or canoeing. You can sleep in accommodation ranging from ecolodges, glamping or cabanas to a hammock or campsite under the stars.


>You will learn about local culture and its nature. You will be able to live cultural dives in indigenous communities, learn and implement ancestral and traditional techniques of various cultures, such as wood carving, artisanal fishing, milpa harvesting or making art and jewelry with local materials.


You will discover the places through the eyes of their people and from the inside out, living what they live, walking where they walk. In these experiences you will be able to connect with your hosts, listen to their stories and create links that can last a lifetime.


You will be able to regenerate your energy and live moments of introspection in different unique experiences, such as being part of a ritual purification ceremony of ancestral cultures or simply contemplating nature.

What are the experiences of Ruopia like?

Private and personalized
Operated by local hosts
Ready for "new normal"
They make a positive impact

Why book a trip with Rutopia?

Travelers in a camp at the foot of tacana volcano
  • We make it easy for you to plan and book your trip
  • You choose the dates
  • You can book with open dates
  • We have a 100% refund cancellation policy
  • We give you 24/7 remote accompaniment throughout your trip
  • And above all… you’re contributing to a bigger purpose!

Stories of Rutopia Hosts


Thanks to the alliance between Rutopía and the ecotourism project of the “Millennium Women” in El Almacén, Oaxaca, to date this destination has received just over 100 visitors, generating an economic income for local families, to invest in the development of the same project and allocate funds for the regeneration of their ecosystems.


“It has been very important for us to be able to receive visitors because thanks to them sources of employment are generated, the development of where the tourist attractions are located is detonate. It is also a great opportunity for people to live together, to share and to know about other visions.”


“Everything has seemed very good to us, the information is complete, it is very practical, the dissemination that is done on social networks we liked. As a group they are a good alliance to work with.”

-Neri and Mariela in Tziscao, Chiapas

How Rutopy works and how it creates impact

When you book a trip with one of Rutopía’s hosts, you are being part of a network of travelers and communities where we seek to create fairer and more sustainable tourism.

At Rutopía we advise you and take care of coordinating the trip tailored to you together with your host. He or she, in turn, ensures that everything you need to have an unforgettable experience is ready upon arrival in the community.
80% of your payment goes directly to hosts, families and local suppliers of products and services.

20% is intended to cover Rutopía’s money transfer costs and operating expenses in order to maintain and expand our network. We want to benefit the whole community and create shared value, so in some communities a percentage goes to a community fund for cultural or environmental conservation projects.

Ruopia Certifications

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