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El Triunfo

In the depths of the Sierra Madre in Chiapas, is El Triunfo, a unique cloud forest and it’s declared a biosphere reserve. It is the most biodiverse ecosystem in Mexico and one of the last places where the quetzal lives freely. The experience begins in the community of Tzeltal, an ethnic from Nuevo Paraíso, where we will receive you and start uphill to meet the communities that dedicate themselves to cultivating one of the most valued organic coffees in the world, and, if it’s in season, we will be able to enter the core of the reserve.

Your Host

We are the group of guides Puerta a la Montaña, we also dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of organic coffee, we love to share with our travelers our culture and nature. My name is Miguel, I belong to the Tzeltal ethnic group, I am very passionate about nature and photography. There is also my brother, Guty, who is a certified guide and expert in bird watching. Together, and with the other members of the group, such as Don José and Francisco, we welcome you to this beautiful corner of our country.


  • Hiking through the cloud forest of El Triunfo and swimming in rivers and waterfalls.
    Sighting and photography of the quetzal and other birds in the core of the reserve, when it’s the season (from February to June).
  • Go through the organic coffee plots to see the production process.
  • Craft bread making a workshop with the family of Don José and his talkative parakeet.
  • Wake up every morning with one of the most beautiful views of our country.


  • Cabins in Nuevo Paraíso: with private bathroom and shower with hot water.
  • Camping: you can camp under the stars in the homes of coffee cultivation families near the forest.
  • Lodging in the family homes: you can stay in the home of Don José in the community of Palmira or with Don Francisco in the community of San Pablo.


  • The climate is very humid, semi-tropical with high temperatures in the community of Nuevo Paraíso and temperate in the forest.
  • In summer it is very humid with an abundance of rain.
  • Quetzal sighting season is from February to June.
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It is located in the mountains of the Sierra Madre in Chiapas.
3 hours away from Tuxtla Guitiérrez Airport.
4 hours away from San Cristóbal de las Casas.

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El Triunfo

Deliciosa comida, excelente compañía

Gracias por la comida, estuvo exquisita. Gracias por invitarnos a conocer su hogar y sus familias lo que más disfrutamos del viaje fue la comida, los paisajes (el silencio de la naturaleza) y poder conectar con ustedes!!