El Veinte




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El Veinte

Our community is in the second biggest jungle of the continent, inside the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. It is one of the few ejidos where we have preserved the jungle intact. It inhabits species such as jaguars, spider monkeys, and toucans. We are a community of artisans, we take advantage of the resources of the jungle to create beautiful wooden figures, hammocks, and embroideries. Within our jungle, there are at least five Mayan ruins still unknown that we can take you to visit.

Your Host

We are a group of Mayan artisan families, we form a tourism group to receive travelers, share our work and our culture. My name is María and I am the local hostess. I will guide you for El Veinte for you to know the craft workshops and houses where we will host you. My motivation is that the visitors connect their minds with nature, that brings us life.


  • Artisan workshops: the community is filled with artisans, you can take different workshops: finishing of precious woods, manufacture of textiles (huipiles, embroideries, and hammocks), stone carving, jewelry with seeds of the jungle and medicinal plants.
  • Mayan ruins in the jungle: there are at least five archeological zones still unknown to conventional tourists that you can visit, you will be the only ones there, perfect to meditate.
  • Walks through the jungle: with bird watching, monkeys and other animals. Mario, Elías and Rogelio are certified guides that know their jungle perfectly. Night of legends under the stars: enjoy stories and music on the top of a hill with a panoramic view, accompanied by coffee and hammocks.
  • Production of organic chewing gum: the Mayans extracted gum from the Chicozapote tree, in our community we still make chewing gum in the rainy season.


  • Lodgement in the house of families from the village: hammocks or beds. There are private or shared rooms. Some houses have showers, others, have bathrooms without a sprinkler, you’ll have to take a quick shower ( jicarazos).
  • Camping in the garden of a workshop: shared bathroom without a sprinkler, you’ll have to take a quick shower (jicarazos).



  • El Veinte is in the middle of the tropical jungle, the climate is warm with rains during the summer.
  • The annual average temperature is between 24-28 °C. Enjoy the sun and the heat.
  • Gum extraction is carried out from September to December
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El Veinte of November is in the State of Campeche, within the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, the nearest town is Xpujil.
1 hour and a half from Chetumal Airport
5 and a half hours from Cancun or Merida
1 hour and a half from Bacalar

This community has been explored and verified by the Rutopia team. We assure you a safe, accesible and authentic experience.


El Veinte

Una experiencia hogareña

El Veinte ha sido una experiencia inolvidable, te muestra realmente lo hermoso de México. Debería de darse más a conocer y gracias a Rutopía es posible, ver cómo conviven las personas de la comunidad y cómo adoptan a los turistas.  Es una experiencia hogareña ya que duermes en sus casas, bajo su techo y bajo sus costumbres, te alimentan con su sabor, y todo esto te saca de tu zona de confort. 

Un recorrido increíble

El Veinte es un lugar muy lindo, con gente increíble! Disfruté mucho de los talleres. Recuerdo muy bien el taller de tallado de piedra, con una familia que nos recibió en su casa durante horas, nos enseñaron su técnica y sus artesanías y nos contaron muchas historias. También, uno de sus hijos, de aproximadamente 12 años, nos enseñó cómo se usa el telar de cintura para hacer hamacas. En esa comunidad tienen artesanías increíbles de maderas preciosas. Su tienda es la mejor opción para comprar recuerdos para la familia y amigos. Todas son personas muy apasionadas e increíbles y es una comunidad muy unida. Uno de los días hicimos un recorrido a unas ruinas con guías locales. El recorrido fue a través de la selva, con paisajes increíbles. De regreso subimos a una torre a partir de la cual tenías una vida panorámica de toda la selva.

Lovely trip

Staying with Ofelia’s at El Veinte was a life changing experience. First it is a beautiful and special location in middle of Mexico’s south-eastern rainforest. Second- Ofelia and Rosa, and Ofelia’s children made me feel like I was at home and part of the family. It’s a unique experience to be invited into someone’s home and be treated not like a client, but like family. I learned so much from these women about plants and the forest, and we saw some gorgeous landscapes on our hikes to waterfalls. I loved the birdwatching trek experiences, and the natural gum workshop. I never slept better than in the hammocks where they sleep every day! I loved hearing natural sounds while falling asleep. Its a place that I’ll never forget and that I highly recommend. Thank you Rogelio, Ofelia and Rosa for the experience!