Totonal is now Rutopia

Changing a little piece of the world we live in has always been the shared dream in the hearts that sustain Totonal and Rutopía.

That was the cause that motivated me to embark on the path of generating awareness and love for the Earth from the trenches of sustainable tourism. During 9 years we accumulated learning, successes, mistakes and lots of shared joys. This pandemic marks a before and after for many of us on this planet, and fortunately in Totonal, it opens the opportunity to join dreams with the great team of Rutopía.

Totonal’s hummingbird, which has represented our willpower in opening a gap in responsible tourism in Mexico, merges with Rutopía’s sun that seeks to share light and well-being in every corner of our country through magnificent trips tailored to your needs.

We hope you continue traveling with us from our new home. Let’s continue with the deep purpose of honoring Life through each of our choices. In our case, our trench will continue to be sustainable tourism and responsible consumption.

THANK YOU to everyone who was part of this first leg of the journey. Without you, the story would not be the same. And our story has been perfect. THANK YOU.

Marisol Herrera
Founder of Totonal-

“Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.”

Antoine de Lavoisier

What it’s like to travel with Rutopia