3 days experience

Escape to the forest and renew your energy

From $3,419.00 MXN

Price per person.

Escape to the forest and renew your energy

3 days experience
Huitzilac, Morelos
Price per person from: $6,499.00 MXN
Price per person from: $4,019.00 MXN
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Price per person from: $3,419.00 MXN

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3 days

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2 nights of lodging, 5 meals and activities

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price per person from :
$6,499.00 MXN
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What to expect?

Experience a getaway of total relaxation in the middle of nature, just 40 minutes from CDMX. In this destination, you will disconnect from the city to enjoy an all-inclusive weekend in a wonderful forest where you can reconnect with the land, the environment and your inner self. Through bowl meditation sessions, greetings to the sun and a welcome to the Seven Directions, you will forget about stress and worry. In the permaculture workshop you will discover what eco-technologies are and how they contribute to a more sustainable way of life, even in big cities! You will also learn about essential oils extracted from plants and their use in aromatherapy… give your body, mind and spirit the pampering they deserve!

What's Included?


Ceremony on arrival "Welcome to the 7 directions", Meditation with bowls


2 dinners, 2 breakfasts and 1 meal




Permaculture, aromatherapy


You can add an extra to your experience in the customization section of the booking form.




Day 1
Salute to the 7 Sacred Directions
Rituals of the past Nahua welcome you in the present.
Day 2
Meditation, permaculture and campfire
Relax at sunrise and discover a sustainable lifestyle.
Day 3
Aromatherapy based on local plants
The aromas of the place will help you feel very good.
Accommodation is in one of our cabins built with eco-techniques. The rooms have shared dry bathrooms and double beds.

Your Hosts

Hello! I am Viri Tonazihua, a medicine woman, a mother and a loving and unconditional friend. My family and I have worked to have a space for healing and reconciliation with your inner self, with nature. Thus, everything in this place, no matter how small or large, has an intention for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
About Tlalli Tonazihua
“Tlalli Tonazihua was born with a vision: to create a place dedicated to the health and rest of the body, using materials and resources from the Huitzilac mountain forest in an ecological way. In our 4 thousand square meter space you will find adobe structures and wood that melts with pine and cedar trees. Tlalli means “earth” in Nahuatl, while Tonazihua means “feminine energy that radiates abundance.” Tlalli Tonazihua is interpreted as “the land of feminine energy that radiates abundance.” Located in the humid forest 30 minutes from CDMX and Cuernavaca, Huitzilac is characterized by having a significant amount of magueyeras, the best pulque and the most exquisite barbecue on Sundays. “

Map and meeting point

Once you make your reservation, we will send you personalized recommendations so that you can arrive safely at the meeting point. test

Tlalli Tonazihua

Recommendations on what to bring

Comfortable shoes


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Rutopia is a “peer-to-peer” service that is based on trust and mutual understanding. By choosing to book with Rutopía, you choose to trust the communities that will give you accommodation and that will open their doors to you. We cannot guarantee that nothing will ever happen, but we always choose our destinations wisely and with rigorous criteria (we will never offer trips to communities where a solo traveler, male or female, cannot walk quietly during the day). To date, there have been no security incidents in the communities we work with. In fact, safety is one of the most highly rated categories in our satisfaction questionnaires. All of our travelers so far have felt highly safe.
You choose the dates, for how many people, the experience that you would most like to do and if you decide to add extras, we arrange everything so that the hosts are ready to receive you.
Search within this experience the section “Map and meeting point” to know the route. Rutopía is not responsible for taking travelers to destinations, but it is responsible for ensuring that they arrive safely. When booking you will receive all the details of how to get there for the way you choose, public transport or car. In addition, we will always be attentive during your journey and you can contact us when you need it.

Ask a question, at Rutopía we assure you an answer!


Traveling make a difference

Rutopia Conservation Biocultural A.C. works with indigenous groups to support sustainable development in their communities through regenerative tourism. Together with indigenous hosts, we co-design bio-cultural experiences that highlight the essence of each community, revaluing its cultural and natural heritage, in order to promote its continuity for future generations.

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