3 days experience

Luxury getaway in the middle of the jungle

From $ 4,248.00 MXN

Price per person.

Luxury getaway in the middle of the jungle

3 days experience
Nahá, Chiapas
Price per person from: $ 6,922.00 MXN
Price per person from: $ 4,610.00 MXN
Price per person from: $ 4,899.00 MXN
Price per person from: $ 4,248.00 MXN

Trip length

3 days

Activity level



2 nights of lodging, 3 activities, 2 workshops and 6 meals

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Habitación Doble


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price per person from :
$ 6,922.00 MXN
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What to expect?

Connect with nature in this extraordinary all-inclusive experience in a spectacular ecolodge in the middle of the Lacandon Jungle. This is a space that guarantees comfort and balance with nature, all practices are friendly to the environment. There you will enjoy a connection with yourself and the Lacandon Mayan gods through a ceremony guided by Don Antonio, the only Lacandon in Nahá who practices and preserves this ancestral ritual. You will visit the Nahá and Amarillo lakes in the company of a Lacandon guide, you will walk through the jungle, pine forest and wetlands while you learn some of the stories of our people. You will live the experience of a cultural encounter, you will discover the origin and roots of us, the hach ​​winik, the “true men”. Nuk García, an artisan woman, will guide you through a clay workshop, where the memory of your hands and your spiritual side will awaken.

What's Included?


Bird watching, visit to Lake Nahá, walk through the community


2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners


Tortillas and mud


You can add an extra to your experience in the customization section of the booking form.


Owl watching


Day 1
Live an ancestral Lacandon ceremony
Discover a ritual from the past to thank and ask for protection.
Day 2
Know the secrets of Lake Nahá
Go through a body of water by canoe and discover the natural environment.
Day 3
Creation and reunion through clay
Unleash your creative side and relax by molding fresh clay.
Cabin accommodation
Rest in our rooms with wood finishes. It is a cozy space due to the design, and the environment will make you have a relaxing break
Double room

Your Hosts

Nature, friendship, hospitality and harmony await you at Nahá Jungle Lodge. You will meet Chankin Segundo García and Nuxi Paniagua Uría, Mayan-Lacandon rangers of the ANP Nahá; Don Antonio Martínez Chankin, guardian of the most important traditions of the Mayan-Lacandon gods in the region; the muralist Kayum Maax, one of the 5 internationally recognized painters in the area; to King García and María Cruz, with whom you will enjoy some of the traditional dishes. With Chankin Caña and Chankin Martínez you will learn the traditional use of bow and arrow. Certified guides Juan Chankin Elías, Chankin García Martínez, Verónica López Arcos, Francisco Javier Camacho Noé, Pepe Camacho Kin and Chankin Caña García will accompany you on the tours. If it is about birds, Miguel García Cruz is the one who will solve your doubts.
About Nahá
Nahá Jungle Lodge, the House of Water, is a refuge located deep in the Nahá Flora and Fauna Protection Area, in the Lacandon Jungle, an area with an amazing biodiversity that is in constant threat of disappearing. It is also a Lacandon Mayan cooperative society, made up of 22 members from 11 families, which began in 2001 and was established eight years later. It was created by the desire of our people to protect the free spirit of our ethnic group and the different ways of life of the ecosystems that surround us. We are the heirs of the magic of an ancestral community that shares its knowledge with world travelers. We are committed to sustainability, which is why we have adopted good practices endorsed by seals and certifications.

Map and meeting point

Once you make your reservation, we will send you personalized recommendations so that you can arrive safely at the meeting point. test

Nahá Jungle Lodge

Recommendations on what to bring

Biodegradable insect repellent
Biodegradable sunscreen
Comfortable shoes
Comfortable clothes


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