5 days experience

Chiapas: from the colonial to the natural

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Price per person.

Chiapas: from the colonial to the natural

5 days experience
Price per person from: $8,008.00 MXN
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Price per person from: $3,795.00 MXN
Price per person from: $3,430.00 MXN

Trip length

5 days

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4 nights of lodging, 6 meals, all activities in the community, transportation to the community

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2 nights in San Cristobal de Las Casas, 2 nights in community



price per person from :
$8,008.00 MXN
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What to expect?

Explore the heart of Chiapas, enjoy one of the most attractive magical towns in Mexico and meet one of the two nearby communities that will share their nature and culture with you. Stroll for two days through San Cristóbal de Las Casas and then choose between two adventures in the amazing nature of Chiapas: one between spectacular waterfalls and another to the blue lakes shared with the neighboring country of Guatemala. In both options you will enjoy walks in the open air, delicious typical food and free time for you.

What's Included?


All activities in the community


2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners


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In San Cristobal de Las Casas
Discover the magic of San Cristóbal
Live the multiculturalism of this colonial city between mountains.
Room with private bathroom
Option 1: In Tziscao
Nature and lakes on the southern border
Explore the lakes of Montebello and its neighboring communities with Guatemala.
Option 2: In Tzimol
Centro permacultural y cascadas
Learn techniques to live sustainably and explore amazing waterfalls.

Your Hosts

If you choose the Tziscao experience, you will meet the Morales family, descendants of the Chuj ethnic group and who for generations have been inhabitants of Tziscao. Don Isidoro and his children: Roselín, Rolando and Neri, have been working for years for environmental conservation and to keep the Chuj culture alive through their organization “Lagos de Colores”. Together they have worked to grow export quality organic coffee. They open the doors of their rustic cabins by the lake to receive travelers who want to know this paradise. In Tzimol you will meet Ángel, from the group of Tzimol guides, who are proud of the cultural heritage of their town and therefore have decided to show the world what the tzimoleros and tzimoleras are like. Quinn, Adrián and Ángel will welcome you with great pleasure and desire to share the beauty of this place with people who want to know about nature and traditional crafts.
About Chiapas
Chiapas, the land of coffee, is characterized by its mountains and tropical forests, its people, gastronomy and cultural wealth. One of the most iconic states in Mexico for its biodiversity and proximity to Guatemala. In this experience you can explore it in an authentic way, through its people and its nature.

Map and meeting point

Once you make your reservation, we will send you personalized recommendations so that you can arrive safely at the meeting point. test

Posada del Abuelito at the address: Calle Tapachula 18, Barrio del Cerrillo, 29220 San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chis.

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