The power of our travels


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We travel to learn, grow and better understand the world. Travel makes us live unforgettable experiences and impact our lives in a unique way. However, traveling not only has an impact on the traveler, but also on the people, ecosystems and culture of the place visited. Sometimes, we forget that the places we visit are actually home to people and species that are completely dependent on the wonderful places we know.

Hiking experience in the Acaxochitlan forest in Hidalgo.

Traveler in acaxochitlan forest Hidalgo_Rutopia_el power of our travels

A traveler’s footprint

Tourist destinations have increasingly adapted to us, instead of us to them, and this not only makes the destination lose part of its essence, but also part of its nature and identity. In general, every human action generates a social, environmental and economic impact, and travelling is no exception. In fact, tourism is one of the activities that generates the greatest impact on a global scale and it is up to us to decide whether we want this impact to be positive or negative for the place we visit.

Tricycle and hut house in a Mexican village

A purposeful traveler

Every experience as travelers comes with a great responsibility. By not caring for and preserving environmental balance, the lives of many rural and indigenous communities are endangered, as they depend directly on the ecosystems. If a traveler chooses irresponsible tourist agencies, he or she is undermining local cultures, contributing to environmental degradation, social inequality and the loss of the area’s own tourism activity.

Choosing responsible tourism and getting directly involved in the efforts of rural and indigenous communities, not only makes us truly aware of the culture and essence of the place, but also guarantees the future of the communities and nature.

Generating a positive impact makes our travel experience more enriching, since the travel not only changes our lives, it also changes the lives of the people of the in the places we visit.

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