Places to travel in the new normal


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Travelling in the new normal will not only consist of taking health security measures but knowing how to choose the place.

That’s why the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) launched the Global Safety Stamp seal last May for tourist destinations that follow and follow new standards and protocols to safeguard passenger health and hygiene measures and gradually recover activity in the tourism sector.

In Mexico, some states have already received this seal, however, one of the recommendations for traveling in the new normal will be to visit places of nature to interact with the environment in different ways, immerse themselves in rural tourism or indigenous communities to contribute to fairer and more sustainable tourism. That’s why we list the destinations with the seal of the Global Safety Stamp by the WTTC and the nature tourism projects that you can find in each one:


San Martiniano in Quintana Roo

Traveler exploring the San Martiniano Community.

San Martiniano is far from the hustle and bustle of tourists. Here you can take classes of the ancient Mayan language, make traditional fabrics and immerse yourself in the sacred waters of a cenote; You will also reach your limits by hiking until you find at the end of the road an ancient Franciscan temple.

Attention playenses! This place is located 1 hour from Playa del Carmen.


Belilula in Yucatan

The shops of Belilula view from the sky.
Photo: Belilula Facebook

Belilula is the perfect place to practice glamping. Beyond being able to taste the bittersweet taste of traditional Yucatecan cuisine where the Mayan and Spanish world converge, you can also get lost in the jungle, marvel at the beauty of birds, and cook dinner on top of a campfire. And after all that, you’ll sleep in a fully equipped tent with all the amenities you need for the best experience.

For now this project will start operating in the last days of July and only on weekends during the first month, which will allow them to do cleaning during the week. In addition, they will only receive small and private groups of up to eight people.

If you live on the Riviera Maya or the peninsula, this Glamping project is a 35-minute drive from Merida.


Carey Ecotourism Center in Campeche

Happy flamingos in the mangroves of Isla Arena.

Located on Isla Arena and surrounded by the Gulf of Campeche, the Carey Ecotourism Center offers a different experience by being able to sleep in cabins located directly in front of the sea. But that’s not all, around this place you can find Wotoch Aayin, a crocodile farm where you will learn about its conservation and then explore the mangroves. Another must-see is the house – pedro Infante museum, where you will discover why the Mexican singer fell in love with Isla Arena.

If you come from Merida, you’ll be there in 2 hours by car.


Majahuas Camp in Jalisco

Travelers releasing turtles and connected to the sea.

It connects with the sea and the beings that inhabit it in Camp Majahuas, a sea turtle conservation project that is led by a local fishing community. In addition to going to a turtle breeding workshop and volunteering for the release of them, you can visit unspoiled beaches where you will feel like a navigator who has land in sight.

It is located 2 hours by car from Puerto Vallarta, so if you live near the Riviera Nayarit, here is an option.


Kuyima Ecotourism in Baja California South

Travelers watching one of the most incredible natural shows.

Watching whales, strolling on a boat through Laguna San Ignacio and appreciating rock art inside caves are some of the activities that Ecoturismo Kuyima has for you. You can choose between a day trip or if you’re more adventurous, a full expedition of 3 days or more where you’ll test your physical abilities.

If you travel locally, it is a 4-hour drive from Loreto.

Even though the destinations have received the Safety Stamp, don’t forget to bring a mask, antibacterial gel and take the necessary safety measures. Also, before making your reservation in any of the above recommendations, make sure that everything is in optimal condition and ask about the dates you might have available to start receiving travelers. You can find his data at exploramexicodiferente.com

On the other hand, although a gradual reopening of these destinations is being carried out, this could be modified based on the behavior of the pandemic or the covid traffic light that was established in our country.

Undoubtedly, how and in what way we will live our trips will be different, but yes: more local and with a positive impact, we will travel closer and more natural!

Try Rutopia for a great time!

We are the platform to travel easily and safely to natural and cultural Mexico while creating a positive impact.

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