Camping guide: tips and what to bring


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Cottage in the playa_Rutopia

Sometimes disconnecting from the lifestyle we are used to and escaping for new experiences, surrounded by nature and coexisting with different species, is a good idea, and camping can be an excellent option to clear your mind and relax.

Going camping is to be in direct contact with nature, ready to have new adventures; traveling unexplored paths and trails, where you will appreciate different climates and landscapes, enjoy the birds singing and contemplate the different flowers, plants and trees that are around. Have you already convinced to go camping for the first time? Great! You won’t regret it.

But, before you pack your suitcase and take the car, follow these tips to go camping for the first time.

Turquoise waterfall in Tzimol_Lugares to visit in Chiapas_Rutopia

  1. Beware of animals!

Before going camping, we recommend that you look for information about the species in the area and take precautions, such as always carrying repellent to avoid mosquitoes and other species biting you during your stay, as well as creams or ointments to relieve itching.

  1. Choose the right place

When setting up your camp, look for a place where you are safe, i.e. a flat space and avoid placing your tent in a clayey or irregular terrain where there may even be stones and large branches that may complicate your stay.

  1. Avoid humidity

It is important to check the humidity of the area, since in rainy seasons it can increase and damage your first camping trip, as some water could seep into your tent if it has some damage; also remember to avoid sleeping directly on the wet ground, as it could lower your defenses and make you sick.

Camp at the Tacana_chiapas_Rutopia

  1. Take the necessary camping equipment

To set up your camp, the basics are to bring a tent and accessories such as camping chairs, a small table and a tarp that is placed on top of the camp to protect you from rain, snow or some branches.

  1. Remember the lighting equipment

During your tour, we recommend that you bring a lamp to illuminate your surroundings and carry a flashlight to keep track of what is happening around the tent.

  1. Pack the right clothes

Try to wear the right clothes throughout your trip: during the day and on the trails, choose light and comfortable clothes that allow you to stay cool; during the night, we recommend you bring a warm jacket and thermal clothing that will keep you warm. Layered outfits will be your best allies since knowing the order of your clothes, you can take them off or put them on as needed.

  1. Don’t forget the campfire

If during your first camping experience, you plan to organize a campfire, remember to bring the necessary materials such as a fan, lighter and tinder; avoid making it in very dry areas where there is a lot of wind, as this facilitates the spread of fires; choose a clear area and as free or away from trees and/or vegetation as possible to avoid disasters.

Water or sand will also be crucial to put it out!

  1. Plan your food and water rations

If you’re wondering what food to take camping? The first rule is not to go just enough or limited; it will always be better to pack a little extra in case you need it, want to share or decide to stay a few extra days. If you plan to cook at camp, don’t forget pots, ladles, plates and glasses. Chocolate and peanut butter will be your best options for when you want to boost your energy.

  1. Pick up all your garbage

When camping it is inevitable to generate some garbage, so if it is organic garbage, we recommend you to throw it away from the campsite to avoid attracting animals and insects and in the case of inorganic garbage, the best option is to keep it along the way and throw it away at the end of your trip.

  1. Protect and take care of the enviroment

When you leave, avoid leaving any kind of trace or garbage residue, the whole idea of going camping for the first time, is to leave the place as you found it and even better. Remember that the environment, flora and fauna of the place are your hosts and it is your obligation to respect them.

Traveler taking picture from his tent in El Triunfo_Rutopia

Have you ever camped by sea?

Now that you know these tips, you have the tools you need to be camping for the first time and make it a better experience. Remember to spend some time connecting with nature, reduce your stress and make the best memories.

Try Rutopia for a great time!

We are the platform to travel easily and safely to natural and cultural Mexico while creating a positive impact.

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