5 tours of waterfalls, lakes and jungle in Chiapas with local guides


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Travel with open arms in front of waterfall in Tzimol Chiapas_Tours of cascadas_Rutopia

Chiapas it is the destination of the tours because the distances between one site and another can be long, so for some travelers, hiring tours in Chiapas turns out to be more comfortable, safe and also a great option if you want to better manage the time and visit different waterfalls and lakes and even enter its imposing jungle.

In addition to the activities you can do, choosing a guided experience by local people will give a twist to your trip, because through its magic and wisdom will show you the value of waterfalls, lakes, jungle and its crafts.

That’s why we show you the tours in Chiapas, which more than tours are sustainable experiences that make a positive impact on the community and nature:

Rabano from the Tsomanotik organic orchard in Chiapas_Rutopia


  1. Adventure between waterfalls in Tzimol

Travel in front of waterfall in Tzimol Chiapas.

On board a 4×4 you will pass by terracería among the mountains of the region you will appreciate the agricultural fields, the reed beds and the La Angostura River. Then you will take a short walk to reach the river and the first camping area. After admiring the beauty of the forest, two waterfalls will be able to test your limits and to finish you can rest in a hammock to hear the sounds of the river and waterfalls.


Macaws in love in Canto de la Selva.


  1. Organic orchards and organic cambañas in Tzimol

Delicious rábano from Tsomanotik’s organic orchard in Chiapas.

Learn about the proposal of Tsomanotik, a non-profit civil association that works on different sustainable projects, where you will learn about organic orchards, take you to the oasis of Chiapas and stay in eco-friendly cabins that use clean energies. This proposal creates a social education space and generates fair jobs within the community.


Artesania lacandona in Lacanja Chiapas


  1. Sleep in La Selva Lacandona

Macaws in love in Canto de la Selva.

Rest in the middle of La Selva Lacandona as you hear the sound of different birds and the howls of saraguato monkeys swaying among the branches of the huge tropical trees. Canto de la Selva is an example of a nature tourism initiative that aims to protect the Lacandona Forest and create awareness in travelers.


People sitting on waterfall rocks


  1. Crafts with the first lacandones

Lacandona craftsmanship by Lacanja Chiapas

Visit Topché in Lacanjá where you can enjoy the outdoor walks in the arteries of the Lacandona Forest, learn about the history of the archaeological ruins of Lacanjá and end the afternoon relaxing in the pools of the area. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to make bracelets and arrows with a lacandona family that has lived there from generation to generation for hundreds of years.


Turquoise waterfall in Tzimol_Lugares to visit in Chiapas_Rutopia

  1. Montebello Lakes Getaway

Cabins in Lagos de Montebello in Tziscao Chiapas.

After receiving you with a delicious breakfast, the hosts will take you swimming in the nearly 70 lakes of Lagunas de Montebello National Park. Enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and nature that surround it. Afterwards you will try a rich meal and have time to enjoy some extra activity of the ecotourism center.

Try Rutopia for a great time!

We are the platform to travel easily and safely to natural and cultural Mexico while creating a positive impact.

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