5 oases to camp and eat near Querétaro


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View of the Río Grande Ecotourism Center in Acaxochitlán Hidalgo_Rutopia

Camping teaches us that the only thing that belongs to us in a place is the time we inhabit it, that what we need fits in a backpack and that sleeping under the stars makes us feel free. Finding a place to camp safely and in the middle of a natural oasis, not only brings us closer to what we do not see every day, but also leaves us an indelible experience in our traveling memories.

So, attention traveling queretan@! We share with you the natural paradises to camp near Querétaro, live incredible adventures and tell stories around a campfire.

Tents in the forest_The Triumph_Rutopia


1. Acaxochitlán Hidalgo: camping in a cloud forest

View of the Río Grande Ecotourism Center in Acaxochitlán Hidalgo.

Located in a cloud forest in Hidalgo, Acaxochitlán is the perfect option for your weekend. Here you will find the Río Grande Community Ecotourism Center, which has private bathrooms, hot showers, Wi-Fi, and camping spaces. Or if you prefer more comfort, you can stay in cabinswith kitchenette and fireplace for colder days Cost: Plan your experience trip together with accommodation here

Traveler in tent_Rutopia


2. Camp Peña de la Gloria: camp next to the Escanela river

El Triunfo Forest to camp in Chiapas.

If you take the deviation to Puente de Dios from federal highway 120, San Juan de Río – Xilitla, Km 155, and continue along the 5-kilometer dirt road, you will be at the Peña de la Gloria Camp. What makes this place unique is the opportunity to lull you and sleep next to the Escanela river, one of the most spectacular treasures of the Sierra Gorda. Inside the camp you will find barbecue pits, kitchen and a large camping area. Cost per night: $ 50 per person.

Forest in Cuetzalan_Rutopia


3. The Forest of Leaves: wake up with a view of the sunrise from a mountain

Traveler contemplating the sunrise in the Forest of Leaves Photo courtesy: Forest of Leaves

At the top of the mountain in El Doctor, 50 minutes from Cadereyta, is the Ecotourism Camp El Bosque de las Hoja, a place to camp and get lost among sunrises, pines, cedars and oaks. The camping area has barbecue grills, full baths, and assigned fire pit spots. They also have the option of lodging in cabins from where you can appreciate the best views of the mountain. If cooking is not your thing, it has a restaurant that uses organic products to appease the hunger of any adventurer and if you go at the end of July and August you can enjoy artisan products made with apples such as pie or juice. Cost: $ 185 per person , per night.

Xopilco Camp

4. San Pedro Camp in Huimilpan: place to camp next to a dam

Traveler from his tent.

Can you imagine waking up and contemplating the imposing landscape of the San Pedro dam from your tent? This place is located one hour from the capital of the state of Querétaro. It has large green areas where you can walk freely, even with your pet! And you will also have the option to fish your own food. Cost: $ 250 per tent for up to 4 people and $ 25 per car if you want parking.

Waterfall in El Almacén Oaxaca_Rutopía


5. La Beata Natural Park: camp among streams and waterfalls

Waterfall in El Almacén Oaxaca. Discover the experience.

In the middle of the forest, where the cold is something characteristic of the region, is the La Beata Natural Park, a magical place surrounded by a lake and several streams that in rainy season create small waterfalls, the ideal setting to treat yourself with the mythical sound of the water that runs over the rocks. Here you can go hiking, ride a bike, buy local products and try real Queretaro food.Cost: $ 400 per person, per night and includes the rent of the space of the tent and the family tent, although there are also other sizes and costs.

We assure you that in whatever option you choose, you will live a totally different camping experience; Either because of the activities, the landscapes, the climate, the history or the nature, you will create a new concept of camping and above all it will teach you to value how important the conservation of these places is because without them, we would not get out of the routine .

Try Rutopia for a great time!

We are the platform to travel easily and safely to natural and cultural Mexico while creating a positive impact.

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