4 Places to camp and explore near the CDMX


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Cuetzalan forest puebla_Rutopia

Camping is an experience that can help you escape the hustle and bustle of big cities and reconnect with nature, so there’s nothing better than choosing places near the CDMX.

That’s why we bring you 4 camping spots near the CDMX, where you’ll trade the smog for clean air, and the stove for pieces of firewood outdoors.


Malikualli Ecotourism Centre

Photo courtesy of Malikualli Ecotourism Center

In the Magical Village of Malinalco in the State of Mexico, you will find the Malikualli Ecotourism Center, a perfect option to mix history and nature with spaces such as the Dr. Luis Mario Schneider University Museum and the 16th-century Augustinus Former Convent that combine tradition, religion, botany and art in one place. In addition, here you are given the option to choose packages with different activities ranging from exploring archaeological areas to extreme sports.

How much? $150 per person per night.

When to go? From the end of March to the end of May.


Ejidal San Nicolás Totolapan Park

Grab your car, head south of the city and at KM 11.5 of the Picacho-Ajusco panoramic road of the Magdalena Contreras mayoral, find the Ejidal San Nicolás Totolapan Park. Boasting approximately 2,300 hectares of forest, this nature reserve is ideal for camping, trail running, downhill and hiking.

How much? $110 per person per night within the camping area.

When to go? From November to April to avoid the rains, but yes, take a good blanket! Fate is cold all year round.

A cloudy morning



Xopilco Camp

1 hour and a half from Mexico City, in Amatlán, Morelos, is Camp Xopilco. A place surrounded by shops to buy what you need to spend a good day, which can range from food and accessories for your camp, to traditional clothes and handicrafts made with local hands. Although access can get complicated, it’s worth it! Especially because 20 minutes from the camp, you will find Atekokolli, a traditional medicine clinic, the Pyramid of tepozteco, the Ex-Convent of Tepoztlán and the tianguis of handicrafts.

How much? $100 per person per night.

When to go? From November to April to enjoy the weather.

Photo courtesy of Camp Xopilco


Rio Grande Community Ecotourism Center in Hidalgo

Located in a cloud forest in Hidalgo, Acaxochitlán is the perfect option for your weekend. Here you will find the Río Grande Community Ecotourism Center, which has private bathrooms, hot showers, Wi-Fi, and camping spaces. Or if you prefer more comfort, you can stay in cottages with kitchenette and fireplace for colder days.

How much? Plan your experience trip along with lodging here

When to go? From November to April you will have incredible landscapes and in rainy season you can take advantage to make fungal collection with Nahua women.

Without a doubt, there are hidden treasures inside and outside Mexico City that are still waiting to be explored to give you new material for your traveling anecdotes. Don’t have any questions and prepare your best camping items.

Traveler taking picture from his tent in El Triunfo_Rutopia

Try Rutopia for a great time!

We are the platform to travel easily and safely to natural and cultural Mexico while creating a positive impact.

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