10 Cabins in the nature of Chiapas


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Are you tired of typical weekend travel destinations? Do you want to escape the city and its stress, to relax in the depths of natural peace? Then ecotourism is your ideal travel alternative. However, as in any holiday getaway, it is important to have your accommodation in a very good place, especially if you want to venture into these paradisiacal places as far away from the city as possible without being really far away. Here are 10 cabins in the nature of Chiapas where you can enjoy the natural wonder of the region, while relaxing in a cozy and well equipped cabin.

Junkolal Tziscao Cabins

It consists of several cabins surrounded by nature, since they are located inside the Montebello Lakes National Park, they are ideal to take a break away from the big city. Besides living new experiences such as hiking, fishing, different tours through the greenhouse, viewpoint overlooking the lake and in the coffee plantations where you will learn about the production of coffee and organic honey.


It’s a small town of Mayan descent that has grown up with the sounds of San Vicente River which is born in Tzimol and the sound generated by the waters that meander through the canyons until they reach the waterfalls, they are also surrounded by sugar cane crops and a warm forest full of deer, badgers and tepezcuintles. They are producers of posh (a liqueur made from sugar cane) and artisan manufacturers of piloncillo (brown sugar in small blocks).

Naha Jungle Lodge

This is a refuge located in the Lacandona Forest, it has 10 cottages designed with resources in a responsible and friendly way with the nature where you can stay up to 4 people, with private bathroom and access to the gardens. It also offers activities such as hiking, owl watching, archery and making Lacandon arrows, tours to the Yellow Lagoon and visits to the Lacandon painter Jayum Maax.

conocer chicas manabi

This is the union of several cooperatives that offer services to tourists and visitors such as lodging, food and beverages, transportation, among others. It is located within La Encrucijada Biosphere Reserve.

moratalla paginas conocer gente

It is located in front of the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, being an ecotourism hotel, with eco-friendly technology for the generation of electricity, water supply and waste control, in order to conserve the Lacandon Jungle, has 14 cottages with a modern design, a dock with terraces where you can admire the beauty of sunsets, multipurpose room. Lodging includes food and beverage services, they also offer tours through the jungle, by boat and kayak with local guides.


Located in the town  of Talquian, where even with the passing of time the Mam culture is still maintained. It is specifically in the foothills of the Tacaná volcano where you can only access on foot because its routes are unconventional, you can enjoy a varied climate, ranging from a tropical heat to the cold of the mountains.

Lacandones Camp

Located in the Lacandona Forest, it is the ideal place to get away from the day to day activities and live unique experiences, where you can contemplate the beauty of the waterfalls, rivers and archaeological sites that this wonderful place has to offer. On the other hand, the same camp is in charge of organizing activities for those adventurers who wish to feel a little adrenaline going into the Lacandona jungle and its waterfalls or rafting on the Lacanjá River.

Topche Jungle Lodge

It is part of the Lacandona Forest, where you will live the experience of resting in rustic cabins with wooden walls and palm roofs or in the camping are. While enjoyign traditional meals prepared by locals. And at the same time it is the ideal place to swim in the waterfalls, navigate by boat and take long walks, always accompanied by a guide.

Orchids Of The Triumph

It is an area located in the ejido Santa Rita de las Flores in Mapastepec, which offers a variety of lodging services, food and beverages typical of the region, you will find various activities ranging from the traditional as the development of handicrafts and jewelry made with orchid flowers, some that are more educational such as learning about the process of orchid conservation, coffee, honey and palm production, and even tours that can last about 45 minutes in areas such as the El Chorro Spa, the rocky bed and two clear water pools where it is possible to swim.

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