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10 Cabins in the nature near Oaxaca City

Ecotourism is a trend that has become strong in recent years, as the most common destinations for vacationing do not satisfy our desire for peace and relaxation in addition to become highly polluting activities for the environment and for ourselves.

Travel by observing the calakmul jungle from the top of a piramide_Rutopia_por to travel

Why travel?

Moving to new places is a popularly suggested remedy to make someone change or look at things differently. That’s why they say that the same person doesn’t come back after a trip. The peripatetic school (Greek for walk), founded by Aristotle, followed this principle; the tradition was that students would discuss philosophical topics with their …

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The power of our travels

We travel to learn, grow and better understand the world. Travel makes us live unforgettable experiences and impact our lives in a unique way. However, traveling not only has an impact on the traveler, but also on the people, ecosystems and culture of the place visited. Sometimes, we forget that the places we visit are …

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10 Ecotourism destinations in Yucatan

Your next destination to know is Yucatan and you do not know where to go, which are the most recommended destinations and also considered ecotourism, well below I will tell you about 10 ecotourism destinations in Yucatan that you would like to know.

Sunset on the beach of Mazatlan - Rutopia

When do the beaches open?

Feeling the sand on your feet, watching the sunset and getting wet with the salty sea breeze are all those sensations that you probably miss the most after this period of staying at home due to the health contingency generated by the coronavirus. And that’s why one of the questions you may have been asking …

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Places to travel in the new normal

Travelling in the new normal will not only consist of taking health security measures but knowing how to choose the place. That’s why the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) launched the Global Safety Stamp seal last May for tourist destinations that follow and follow new standards and protocols to safeguard passenger health and hygiene …

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