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The best way to get to know a culture is to connect with its people and the nature of its environment

When we travel, we want to get to know real people, connect with them and discover their places. We like to see Mexico through the eyes of its people and from the inside out, living the way they live, doing what they do.

What is Rutopía?

Rutopía is a platform that allows travelers to search for authentic experiences outside the conventional routes, to access rural communities, especially the indigenous ones, with hosts who want to share the incredible cultural and natural richness of their land. Rutopía preserves the natural and cultural heritage of Mexico and its rural communities by revolutionizing tourism so that the earnings really gets to where it is needed the most.

A Bio-cultural Trip

A bio-cultural trip is focused on highlighting: nature, traditions, stories and knowledge from each destiny such as language, handicrafts, etc… Rutopia offers bio-cultural experiences for two main reasons:

  1. For the traveler: Make the trip a unique experience, to enjoy the material and intangible elements of the site that doesn’t exist in the same way in any other place in the world.
  2. For the people of the community: Revalue their heritage and their cultural and natural patrimony. By receiving a benefit for sharing what they are and what they know, their asset is reassessed by themselves and their self esteem is strengthened. Both, young and old people find incentives not only to protect, but to grow (regenerate) nature, traditions and the culture of their community.

How does it work?

When you book a trip with one of our hosts, you are part of a network of travelers and communities looking to create fairer and more sustainable tourism. In Rutopia, we advise you and will coordinate the trip according to your needs along with your host. He or she will take care of everything that you need to have an extraordinary experience at the time of your arrival in the community.

Where does my payment go?

80% of your payment goes directly to the hosts, families and local suppliers of products and services. The remaining 20% is destined to cover the expenses for transferring the money  and the operating expenses of Rutopía in order to maintain and expand our network. We want to benefit the whole community and create shared value, therefore, in some communities a percentage of the money goes to a community fund for cultural and environmental conservation projects.

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The Team

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Emiliano Iturriaga
Coordination and Partnerships

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Sebastian Muñoz
Experiences Design and UX

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Diego Espinoza
Link and Communication with Hosts

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Itzayana Tlacuilo
Legal Advisor

Rutopía has been built with the valuable collaboration of the following people