A blue (and unforgettable) trip to Bacalar’s 7-colors lagoon


Bacalar Lagoon is a natural wonder located in the south of the Mexican State of Quintana Roo on the shores of the small town that gave it its name. Although in Maya, Bakhalal means “near or surrounded by reeds,” this fantastic watering-place is known as the “seven colors’ lagoon.” A beautiful nickname that came up because […]

Coral Reefs in Mexico: A Biological Treasure

fish swimming in coral reef

Coral reefs are of great biological importance to the planet. For example, Mexico is part of the second-largest barrier reef in the world. Nowadays, one way to know and take care of them is through sustainable tourism. By doing this, people can learn about their ecological value while enjoying their extraordinary attractions. The importance of […]

Oaxaca: Mexico’s best

large Gastronomic tour oaxaca

Colors, tradition, beauty, and flavor are just some of the adjectives that describe Oaxaca. It is one of the favorite states of Mexicans and foreigners alike. Its simplicity, delicious black mole, black clay handicrafts, beautiful landscapes, and colonial architecture make Oaxaca stand out as the best tourist destination in all of Mexico. Oaxaca is located […]

Route through the essence of Mexico : welcome to Oaxaca

Oaxaca travel downtown

Traditions in every street, beaches to enjoy the pacific, and hidden places among the mountains are only a tiny part of the tourist offer of Oaxaca. A place of culture, gastronomy, markets, ruins, and a dazzling landscape, where we can live, in a fantastic way, the purest essence of Mexico. There is so much to […]

How to avoid sargassum in the beaches on Mexico?

Sargassum is a type of seaweed that seasonally fills the beaches and changes the blue of the water for brown tones. This type of algae affects the México ecosystems, causes reek, and alters the landscape. In addition, sargassum is one of the consequences of increasing water temperature depending on the season. In Mexico, sargassum arrives […]

Six Destinations to Enjoy with your Loved One in Yucatan

una velada romantica en las playas de mexico

Yucatan is a state full of magic, life, and dazzling landscapes that will amaze us even more if it is with our better half. There are perfect destinations to visit with your loved one in Yucatan and make a romantic and unforgettable trip. So let’s start our TOP places to visit as a couple in […]

Spiritual trips to find yourself in Mexico


There is a new way of traveling, emphasizing spiritual awakening and finding oneself. Indeed, Mexico is full of beautiful places that offer the opportunity to explore this country and the possibility to find our inner selves. On these trips, people seek a practice of wellness, not only through contact with nature but also through transformative […]

Chiflón, Mexico’s singing waterfalls

CHIS Chiflon ELM

Waterfalls are generated thanks to the unevenness of rivers and soils. The different heights cause the water to fall and become one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles. Although we have many waterfalls in Mexico, Chiapas has some of the most beautiful in the whole country. An example of this is El Chiflón, a chain of […]

Get lost in the forest of blue mushrooms

The blue mushroom forest located in Cuernavaca, is the perfect place to lose yourself for a while from the noise of the city and connect with nature. The main idea of this place is to recover the knowledge and culture of the region, generating initiatives for environmental care, for the conservation of the forest.  Why the […]

Complete guide to visit Chiapas


Visit Chiapas is an opportunity to try new experiences. It is the Mexican state with the most impressive natural landscapes, with lakes, waterfalls and canyons, “pueblos mágicos” (typical villages) and archaeological sites. Its charm also lies in the fact that it is still a hidden jewel. Discovering Chiapas is understanding the essence of Mexico but […]