9 ecotourism attractions in Quintana Roo

playa de carmen en la rivera maya en la peninsula de yucatan

The splendor that surrounds Quintana Roo is something extraordinary, from its white-sand beaches and turquoise sea to its significant cultural mosaic, biodiversity of flora and fauna, ancestral history, and ecotourism attractions. Likewise, this paradise on earth holds the history of its Mayan ancestors. Memories that today are visible in its traditions, gastronomy, and archeology. So […]

Small Tour of the Historic Downtown Oaxaca

Santo Domingo Oaxaca

Downtown Oaxaca is like traveling back to an elegant colonial city from the 16th century. It was one of the first Spanish cities in Mexico and is home to some of the most beautiful colonial buildings in the country that have been preserved almost intact. Its decorations show pre-Hispanic symbols with Spanish techniques.  Since 1976, […]

El Centro Histórico de Oaxaca y sus pintorescas calles

Santo Domingo Oaxaca

El centro de Oaxaca es como viajar en el tiempo a una elegante ciudad colonial del siglo XVI. Fue una de las primeras ciudades españolas en México y alberga algunas de las construcciones coloniales más bellas de todo el país que se conservan casi intactas. En sus decoraciones se pueden ver símbolos prehispánicos con técnicas […]

Oaxaca Tour among Forests, Handicrafts and Beaches

Oaxaca is one of the most visited states in Mexico. Its colorful beauty has captivated millions of foreigners. It is one of the few places in the country where most of the indigenous customs and traditions are still respected. This state will always welcome people with open arms and mesmerizing beauty. So let’s go with […]

Sleeping on the slopes of the amazing Tacaná Volcano (southernmost point of Mexico)

Rutopia Chiapas Tacana Lugar Volcan Tacana IMG 5384 scaled

Mexico has a large number of mountains, mountain ranges, and volcanoes. There are volcanic systems throughout all of the Mexican territories. Their main characteristic is that they are aligned. There are six principal mountain systems with approximately two thousand volcanoes, although only forty-two are recognized. One of them is the Tacaná volcano in southern Mexico. […]

Five towns to visit and get to know the essence of Mexico

Rutopia Chiapas Tziscao Lugar Lagos de Montebello GAL05132 scaled

Mexico is a large country, full of exotic climates and places. From deserts in the north to humid jungles in the south. Likewise, the different environments and terrains allowed different peoples to settle in a region and develop a particular and unique culture. For that reason, in Mexico are many towns to visit and get to know the […]

Why should we know the Otomangues of Oaxaca?

Throughout Mexico, many linguistic families exist, among them the Otomangues. The indigenous communities that speak the Otomangue language cover the state of San Luis Potosí to Oaxaca, resulting in great cultural diversity. Likewise, the Otomangues, although united by their kinship and languages, are very different from one another. For example, some Otomangues live in arid valleys like the […]

Campeche: Cultural Heritage of Humanity City 

Mexico has a list of 13 Heritage Cities, and Campeche has been one since 1999. What sets Campeche a world heritage is that it’s the only walled city. Behind these walls, Campeche is full of history, culture, and gastronomy. Likewise, this walled city is known for its hexagonal defense system. In addition, Campeche has a colonial style and inexplicable beauty.  […]

Llegada y liberación de tortugas en la Escobilla, Oaxaca

large Liberación de tortugas

La conservación y preservación de las especies es algo que nos tomamos muy en serio en Rutopía. Por lo tanto, todos los años colaboramos con productores locales en proyectos ecoturísticos y sustentables. De este, aportamos nuestro grado de arena para que las comunidades continúen con sus labores de conservación de especies. En el caso de […]

9 atracciones ecoturísticas en Quintana Roo

playa de carmen en la rivera maya en la peninsula de yucatan

El esplendor que envuelve a Quintana Roo es algo extraordinario, desde sus playas de arena blanca y mar turquesa, a su gran mosaico cultural, biodiversidad de flora y fauna, historia ancestral y atracciones ecoturísticas. Igualmente este paraíso en la tierra guarda la historia de sus antepasados mayas. Memorias que hoy en día son visibles en […]