Five towns to visit and get to know the essence of Mexico

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Mexico is a large country, full of exotic climates and places. From deserts in the north to humid jungles in the south. Likewise, the different environments and terrains allowed different peoples to settle in a region and develop a particular and unique culture. For that reason, in Mexico are many towns to visit and get to know the […]

The Melipona bees and their importance in the Mayan culture


Melipona bees are a species endemic to the Yucatan Peninsula, where they are known as Xunan Kab, which means “lady bee” in Mayan. This small insect has a long history among Mayan communities for its medicinal properties. Its qualities were used by ancient Mayan priests for healing and therapeutic purposes. The wisdom they had about bees […]

Why is it important for health to have contact with nature? 

Nature is of utmost importance for the health of the human being, thanks to it we have many vital things such as water and air, flora and fauna, and much more. The contact of the human being with nature produces many benefits such as: recharge our energy, relax, connect with ourselves, strengthens the immune system, […]

10 Cabins in the nature of Chiapas

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Are you tired of typical weekend travel destinations? Do you want to escape the city and its stress, to relax in the depths of  natural peace? Then ecotourism is your ideal travel alternative. However, as in any holiday getaway, it is important to have your accommodation in a very good place, especially if you want […]