When do the beaches open?


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Feeling the sand on your feet, watching the sunset and getting wet in the salty sea breeze are all those sensations that are probably stranger after this period of staying at home due to the health contingency generated by the coronavirus. And that’s why one of the questions you may have asked yourself in the last few days is: when do the beaches open?


Before you take your umbrella and your best sunglasses, there are details to consider:

Sunset on the beach of Mazatlan.

The reopening of the beaches in Mexico does not have a specific date, since it will be determined by the color of the traffic light by region according to the National Guideline for the reopening of the Tourism Sector, which says: «These basic measures must be effective from June 10 as a priority in the new normal; based on the traffic light by region. […] Local and state authorities will decide whether to open beaches, natural water extensions or spas.»

Taking this into account, we can see that there are beaches like those found in Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta that opened since June 15. Huatulco opened on June 20, while Mazatlan and Acapulco did so until July 1 and 2 respectively. In the case of Cancun, the beaches are kept closed to the public, although hotels that have already started receiving tourists can offer that space but controlling the capacity, which should also be limited to one third of occupancy.

Although the beaches in Los Cabos had a relatively rapid reopening, on July 1 the local media warned that due to the number of people who were visiting the beaches, the closure of the Costa Azul viewpoint of San José del Cabo and the strengthening of health filters on the other beaches of Baja California Sur was determined.

These filters will include the support of elements of the Army and Navy, who through the DN-III Plan and the Marine Plan respectively, will take tours on all the beaches of the country to verify compliance with the guidelines established to prevent contagion.


The passage of the pandemic will also change our experience when visiting a beach, since among the measures given to us by the manual mentioned above are the following:

– Visit them within the established hours, some will open from 10 to 18 hrs

– Avoid contact between people, (discourage hand greeting and/or kiss) and keep the distance between people is necessary. A social distance of 1.5 meters is recommended.

– Avoid encounters with others outside household members.

– Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating and after eating and after your nose is becoming, coughing or sneezing.

– Carry a hand sanitizer containing at least 70% alcohol to use in case soap and water is not available, although hand washing will always be more effective.


Release of turtles in the Turtle of Cuyutlán in Armeria, Colima.

Now that you know the possible reopening plans and the capacity that the beaches will have, remember that you can also consider an alternative destination that does not count common crowds in the most popular places, considering that one of the main measures we have to prevent contagion is to keep the healthy distance.

If you would like to know options that have these criteria and can give you the best experience, visit rutopia.com

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