Cabins in the woods to go after quarantine


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After this quarantine, surely one of the things you want most is to pack up again and return to travel, so escaping to a cabin in the middle of the forest would be a great option.

If you are adventurous, staying in a cabin in the forest will not only help you relax, but also give you the opportunity to explore the surroundings and you will be able to carry out some activity that locals offer you, in order to connect with your lifestyle within the community – which always goes in relation to nature and local commerce- , allowing you to generate a closer relationship with them and obtaining a nice awareness of their customs.

That’s why and if you want to travel alone or alone, with a partner or as a family after quarantine, these 5 cabins in the forest are ideal for you:


Bamboo huts in Cuetzalan, Puebla

Cabin in the woods made of bamboo and local handicrafts

Meet Tosepan Kali as you learn about Cuetzalan’s gastronomy and cultural activities. During your trip, tour the different plots, waterfalls and grottoes of the area, and test your senses to have a rapprochement with nature.

In addition, stay in private cabins built with bamboo and other materials of the region that are immersed in nature and decorated with handicrafts and elements that refer to the cultural and natural richness of the Sierra Norte de Puebla; all this seasoned by the constant sound of the river, perfect for relaxation!

This destination is located on the Cuetzalan-San Miguel Federal Free Highway km 1.5


Cabins between waterfalls and forest in Acaxochitlán, Hidalgo

Cabin in the forest surrounded by nature.

Acaxochitlán is the perfect opportunity to explore different places of the forest on foot, on horseback and /or by boat. As if that weren’t enough, the bungalows of the hotel «La Terraza» located in the fog forest within the ecotourism center Rio Grande, let you discover activities, customs and traditions of the community, as well as live a homely experience surrounded by nature from where you can hear the sound of the magnificent Azucena waterfall and enjoy excellent views.

This destination is just 3 hours from Mexico City!


Cottages overlooking Montebello Lagoons in Tziscao, Chiapas

Wooden cabins near the lake

Surrounded by pine and oak forests overlooking one of Montebello’s Lakes, these cottages offer the place and time you’re looking for. In addition to sleeping in a wooden hut, here you can swim in some of the more than 50 lagoons with turquoise and emerald tones that make up the Protected Natural Area. And if the local flavors call you, it’s a good place to hike on coffee pitches and taste organic honey from the region.


Cabins at the foot of an inactive volcano in Chiapas

Young travelers in a camp at the foothills of the Tacaná volcano

Talchián it is a community in Chiapas focused on tourism that develops in the mountains where you know the community and take a ascent tour to the Tacaná volcano; You also have the opportunity to stay in the host’s various cabins, set up a camp at the foot of the volcano and witness the landscapes constantly change, observing and listening to the species in their natural environment.

This destination is located near Tapachula Chiapas


Self-sustaining cottages in Tsomanotik, Chiapas

Cabin in the forest surrounded by greenery

Tsomanotik are cabins that allow you to experience the sustainable side of a lodging since here you learn about organic orchards, swim in an oasis, kayak in the lagoons of Montebello and / or contemplate the eye of the water from which the San Vicente River originates. The cottages Tsomanotik are located in an agroecological center and are designed sustainably as they use clean energies to meet the basic needs of travelers; and being immersed in a natural environment, they allow you to appreciate the different landscapes, plantations and species of its surroundings in all its splendor.

This destination is just 2 hours from San Cristobal de las Casas!

Cabin surrounded by nature in the fog forest

Now that you know these cabins in the forest and know more about the activities in them; Knowing them is an excellent option to connect with nature, try new experiences and get the best of memories surrounded by family and friends.

If you have photos of your experience staying in cabins, share your photos on our Facebook

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Cabins in the woods to go after quarantine
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