Campeche, Mexico: a place full of history, flavor and nature

Campeche Ciudad Fortificada

Campeche is full of colors that make each corner a beautiful postcard. It is a little-known destination but very impressive. The state offers another point of view of the Mexican southeast, from its tourist sites, pirates and their treasures, and archaeological structures, to Caribbean flavors and sightings of birds and dolphins. Discover the city of […]

Campeche y sus lugares turísticos llenos de historia, sabor y naturaleza

Campeche Ciudad Fortificada

Campeche, es un cúmulo de colores que hacen de cada uno de sus rincones una bella postal. Es un destino poco conocido, pero muy impresionante, que ofrece otro punto de vista del sureste mexicano, con sus lugares turísticos de gran historia, desde piratas y sus tesoros, pasajes ocultos en los cimientos, estructuras arqueológicas imponentes, hasta […]

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

safe travel to mexico

As time goes by, thanks to the image generated by many movies and the grand torrent of news about our country, thousands and thousands of people ask themselves: is it safe to travel to Mexico? Although the answer can be complex and nuanced, the truth is that this country is not so different from others. […]

¿Es seguro viajar a México?

safe travel to mexico

Con el paso del tiempo, gracias a la imagen que nos generan muchas películas y el gran torrente de noticias respecto a nuestro país, miles y miles de personas se preguntan: ¿es realmente seguro viajar a México? Aunque la respuesta puede resultar compleja y tiene grandes matices. Lo cierto es que este país no es […]

Cucapa: The people of the river

Cucapa means “people of the water” or “people of the river” because they live on the banks of the Colorado River in northwestern Sonora. Yumans are an ethnolinguistic family composed of 15 ethnic groups from the deserts of Baja, California, Sonora, Arizona, and California in the United States. The group has characteristics that denominate them as […]