Chiapas Trip: 3 Nature Places to Assemble Your Itinerary

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Planning a trip to Chiapas is quite a mission because Chiapas has a great variety of places to visit and ecosystems in mountains, jungles and forests. To take a trip to Chiapas is to enjoy different climates, to travel through part of the Lacandon Jungle, and to follow rivers that feed living things and separate […]

The power of our travels


  We travel to learn, grow and better understand the world. Travel makes us live unforgettable experiences and impact our lives in a unique way. However, traveling not only has an impact on the traveler, but also on the people, ecosystems and culture of the place visited. Sometimes, we forget that the places we visit […]

10 Ecotourism destinations in Yucatan

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Your next destination to know is Yucatan and you don’t know where to go, which are the most recommended destinations and also considered ecotourism, well then I’m going to tell you about 10 ecotourism destinations in Yucatan that you will want to know. Yaxunah Its name in Mayan language means“First house”or“The green house”, it has […]

Why travel?

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Moving to new places is a popularly suggested remedy to make someone change or look at things differently. That’s why they say that the same person doesn’t come back after a trip. The peripatetic school (Greek for walk), founded by Aristotle, followed this principle; the tradition was that students would discuss philosophical topics with their […]

10 Cabins in the nature near Oaxaca City

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Ecotourism is a trend that has become strong in recent years, since the most common vacation destinations do not satisfy our desire for peace and relaxation, in addition to the fact that they have become highly polluting activities for the environment and for ourselves. Fortunately, we live in a world full of hidden paradises that […]

10 Cabins in the nature of Chiapas

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Are you tired of typical weekend travel destinations? Do you want to escape the city and its stress, to relax in the depths of  natural peace? Then ecotourism is your ideal travel alternative. However, as in any holiday getaway, it is important to have your accommodation in a very good place, especially if you want […]